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Red Bull, 7-Eleven Aim to Get You Overly Caffeinated for Black Friday

Red Bull, 7-Eleven Aim to Get You Overly Caffeinated for Black Friday

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To promote the newest Red Bull flavors, here's a Black Friday deal to make you spin

The new lineup of Red Bull flavors.

Those of you brave enough to grab an energy drink after the latest headlines about 5-Hour Energy and Monster Energy Drinks, listen up! You can get even more caffeinated than you actually need to be on Black Friday.

Remember when we told you about those new Red Bull flavors launching in March? Well, those flavors are now sold exclusively at 7-Eleven (and will launch nationally in March, as promised). And to celebrate the new cranberry, lime, and blueberry flavors, 7-Eleven is offering a deal for Black Friday — when you buy a new Red Bull flavor, you can get a free any-size coffee. (That includes the Will Ferrell-designed large holiday coffee cup.)

So let's do the math here: that's 8.4 fluid ounces of Red Bull, plus at least 12 ounces of coffee — that equals an insane amount of caffeine for a day of shopping (no matter what sales you are going to).

A pantry full of Guilty Pleasures

Whether it's sugar overload, the beauties of junk food or something you probably should have given up after college, our tastes stay with us, and darned if we don't keep circling back to the same shame-inducing delights time after time.

Here's a shopping cart's worth of indulgences, with an extra helping of guilt on the side.

Cookies with faces
A round cookie, unless it's an Oreo, doesn't offer many options. But a cookie with a head or a face certainly does. While I hate shortbread cookies — give me a Samoa or a Thin Mint over a Trefoil any day -- I'm particularly fond of Animal Crackers, and I think that's because they have faces. Publix, my grocery store, makes particularly delicious animal crackers that have a variety of interesting animals, which I eat in order of how bite-offable their body parts are. (This makes me sound like I need serious therapy, but come on, we're talking about cookies here.) I like to start eating the parrot-shaped ones shaped by biting off their tails. Teddy Grahams, my other favorite small animal-shaped cookie, are essentially graham crackers, but with tiny arms and legs that just beg to be broken off between my teeth. Let's see an actual graham cracker offer that. -Andy Dehnart

Caviar may bring to mind images of Russian royalty scarfing blinis and toast points, but fish roe has a far more primitive appeal: It’s a salt lick for humans. Spoon a couple fish eggs into your mouth, savor their cool smoothness with your tongue and then chomp – with one bite, you send a satisfying rush of salt to your brain. Think potato chips, but without all the preservatives. The good news is you don’t need to pay $100 an ounce. Slum it with $3-an-ounce fish roe, use some of your savings to buy a nice bottle of wine (or two) and even if you can tell the difference (which, OK, you totally can), after that third glass of wine you probably won’t care. Don’t think your local supermarket carries caviar? You’d be surprised. Fish roe from the lowly lumpfish is nearly always available, stored next to the other forgotten salty fish, such as sardines and herring. For an equally cheap but even more awesome treat, hunt down a Scandinavian specialty store or bribe a friend going abroad. Four words: Caviar in a tube. -Lori Smith

Jujubes, better known for their complicit role in the theft of countless fillings, are a dentist’s best pal. Here's a candy described by its own manufacturer as having a “hard, break-glass quality texture.” Created in 1920, the little dabs of rock-solid delight are, yes, an acquired taste. They’re impossible to bite when cold, squickishly mushy when warm and, well, they taste like soap. (I mean, really: violet-flavored candy?) But there I am, stuffing my mouth. A full bag — Jujubes are best bought in bulk — can disappear in the course of a single viewing of “Swingers.” Talking also isn’t advised mid-Jujube you sound like you have marbles in your mouth — which, to be honest, you sort of do. It’s frankly amazing that these little buggers are even sold anymore. Each time I visit the candy shop, I’m convinced the Farley’s & Sathers Candy Company will have come to its senses and done away with them. (It bought the Heide candy line, which includes Jujubes and their lumpen cousins, Jujyfruits, from Hershey in 2002.) Yet Jujubes are always still there, awaiting another chance to do battle with my poor jaw. -Jon Bonné

If summer beverages were people, lemonade and iced tea would be dainty elderly ladies, and the Slurpee would be the stoner who bursts in late to the party wearing paisley board shorts and neon-colored flip-flops. There’s nothing nutritional or healthy about Slurpees, but they sure are fun. As kids we tried to only visit our local 7-Eleven when the female clerks were working — the Slurpee machines were still behind the counter then, and only the women would mix flavors (in kid lingo, that’s called a “suicide”). Now the Slurpee spouts are out in the store, meaning you can freely compose a drink that’s one part blue raspberry, one part root beer, one part grapermelon and one part Purple S’crème (looks purple, tastes vanilla). Some states, including my birthplace of Minnesota, no longer have 7-Elevens in their states, but for those who do: slurp on, my icy-mouthed brethren. -Gael Fashingbauer Cooper

Starbucks-speak When first starting my Starbucks ritual, I found the lingo required to order a beverage obnoxious at best. Whether it was the part-English, part pseudo-Italian sizes or the plethora of drink modifiers, it came off as difficult and pretentious to my wee newbie ear. Not until I stopped fighting it, and fully embraced my java overlords, did the pleasure of the Starbucks lexicon take hold. Now I mentally practice my order so that it may roll fast and deliberate from my tongue. Why order a venti Caramel Macchiato when I can order a venti, light-iced, half-caf, upside-down Caramel Macchiato with soy and an extra shot of vanilla? Joy! Beyond the simple fun of being bilingual in Beveragese, there’s the extra kick of becoming more fluent than my server. Now it’s a game of baffle-the-barista. The longer the order, the more I love it. Just remember: a tall, 140 degrees, double caffè latte with one shot of vanilla (leave room and add whip!) beats out a grande, low-fat, no-whip, dry Caramel Steamer. Ah heck, double-cup it! -Ree Hines

Red Bull Sugarfree It’s an acquired taste, somewhere between chilled baby aspirin and sour limes. You never forget the eye squint and full-body cringe the first time you down a Red Bull, the energy drink that put the “all” back into all-nighters. Stick to the sugar-free version which, at a mere 10 calories, won’t wreck your diet. Let it glide down your throat and feel the caffeine jolt directly into your veins. Two sips later, the scattered thoughts in your mind achieve clarity, your mood lightens and the urge to rearrange the junk drawer overtakes you. With 80 mg of caffeine packed into an 8 oz. can, it’s as strong as a big cup of coffee, with twice the punch of a Diet Coke. Ignore the hype over the so-called detoxing effects of the taurine or its B-vitamin cocktail Red Bull isn’t supposed to be a health drink. Just enjoy the buzz. One thing, though: Because it’s so closely linked to teens and clubbing twentysomethings, a full-fledged grownup seen drinking a Diet Red Bull in public invites unsolicited comments about arrested development. Whatever. Just call me twitchy. -Jane Weaver

A person in their 30s, with a family and a mortgage, should not have to schedule lunch for a time where nobody will notice a bag of ramen being prepared. And yet that's what I find myself doing -- dressed in a suit and tie, using the 190-degree water in our office kitchen to heat up a bowl of six-for-a-dollar soup. That's not because I'm a penny-pinching cheapo (well, not just because of that). It's all about the taste. Really. Whether it's chicken-flavored Oodles of Noodles or something higher-end (as much as 99 cents a pack!) from the Asian supermarket by the office, it's hard to go wrong with a hot lunch that comes with its own seasoning packets chock full of monosodium glutamate. Plus, does any other lunch food have that kind of versatility? Paired with a tuna sandwich, it's part of a well-balanced meal. On its own, it serves as the perfect light lunch. Plus it's easy to spice up. Add vegetables, hot sauce, beef, chicken, random leftovers … ramen noodles can be pretty much anything you want them to be. If that's wrong, I don't want to be right. -Craig Berman

State-fair food Summer just isn’t complete without a visit to the fair, but not so much for the has-been rockers and blue-ribbon farm animals. The true main attraction of any fair always will be the artery-clogging food. Classic fair fare always will be popular. Those jumbo corn dogs, saltwater taffies, and variations on the lemonade shake-up aren’t going anywhere. But I’m drawn in by the passing fads of the deep fryer. Gooey Snickers bars, covered with batter and fried to a golden crisp, make me melt. A crispy Twinkie on a stick is five-star junk food. If I feel like being healthy, I’ll search for a stand selling deep fried veggies — some nutrients are bound to survive the heat. I firmly believe that deep-frying increases flavor as well as calories. So go ahead and splurge your whole week’s calorie intake in one afternoon at the fair. Just be careful not to lose it on the Tilt-A-Whirl. -Traci McMurray

It is 3:20 p.m. I am drained. It has been a day of deaths: my petunias died my toilet died my Word document died. I drag myself to my bookshelf. Hidden behind “The Grapes of Wrath” is my jar of paradise. I pick it up. I open it. There is a sensual smoothness to the cream I have dipped apples in it, smeared it on bread and layered it on waffles. I realize I have nothing to dip in it. But as my grandmother often said: Sometimes the best thing to dip is . your finger. Anyway, certain things are not negotiable. Even when I'm on a diet, I sneak in a few licks. (If no one is looking, the calories don't count, right?) I don't share. Ever. So I dip. I slowly lick my finger and taste the hazelnut sweetness. No one is around so I double-dip. I'm ready for the day again. Nutella, thank you. -Monica Bhide

The Cheesecake Factory

Despite living in the food haven that is New York, I am embarrassed to admit that I end up frequenting … The Cheesecake Factory. Valentine’s Day, birthdays, run-of-the mill Friday night cravings: my boyfriend and I find ourselves driving to the middle of Wayne, N.J., to a mall to wait in a 40-minute line. Any place that gives you vibrating alerts while you wait to be seated can’t be considered haute cuisine, but there’s nothing like Cheesecake's comfort food. While I'm suspicious of restaurants that aim for more than one type of cuisine — say, Korean-Japanese restaurants — Cheesecake indulges in a free-for-all. Their 30-page menu/notebook embraces Asian, Cajun, Italian and American. They do it all and it’s shocking that they do it all well. It’s indulgent for other reasons: huge serving sizes, 30 kinds of cheesecake for desert (not including other cakes and treats). After an overly satisfying meal, we’ll usually waddle back into the car, complain about being stuffed and say that we should try some other restaurant next time — knowing that it won’t be long before we trek back to The Factory. -Sam Go

Beer and cotton candy

Some foodstuffs only work when eaten in context, and the context for cotton candy is: baseball games. Because if you’re going to polish off that hot dog of questionable provenance with something sweet, you’ve got to opt for something as frivolous as sticky spun sugar the color of a baby’s room. But that’s not all. Add in a cup of standard ballpark beer — the bigger the cup and worse the beer, the better the effect. (C’mon, your mouth is full of cotton candy like quality matters right now.) This is a treat for the seventh-inning stretch: an endless rotation of sugar and carbs, sugar and carbs, pointlessly decadent and completely wonderful. A combo so humiliatingly good that once you’ve tried it, you’ll be hooked. On Barry Bonds’ test results, I swear: Don’t you dare pair these two anywhere but at a game — it’ll taste like crud. But on the hard plastic seats of a stadium, it is the makings of a hallowed tradition -Jon Bonné

International Coffee Day

International Coffee Day seeks to celebrate coffee from around the world while honoring the farmers, traders, roasters and baristas responsible for creating the coffees that are enjoyed by so many people worldwide.

According to an Ethiopian legend, coffee, a black bean enclosed in red berry, was discovered by a goat herder in the Ethiopian highlands when he noticed that his goats had become overly energetic after eating the berries. Slowly, the herder's discovery spread throughout the Arabian Peninsula, into Europe and finally to the New World, increasing the demand for coffee and making it the second most sought after commodity in the world today (crude oil being the first).

Organized by the International Coffee Organization and its 75 Member States, International Coffee Day was first celebrated on October 1, 2015 in Milan, Italy at Expo 2015. The International Coffee Organization is an intergovernmental organization that unifies coffee exporting and importing governments through international cooperation with the aim of creating a sustainable coffee market and lowering poverty levels in developing countries that harvest coffee.

2. Understand that &ldquoLongevity&rdquo Means &ldquoHealth Span&rdquo

While the medical community focuses on miracle breakthroughs that will allow future generations to live well beyond 100, we can make positive changes in our own lives now that will lengthen the number of years in which we can remain cheerful, alert, and vigorous.

It&rsquos particularly helpful when you can repeat a new, healthier choice long enough for it to turn into an actual habit &ndash so that it&rsquos a part of your brain&rsquos wiring and your body&rsquos muscle memory.

Longevity means more than just having a long lifespan. It also means:

  • enjoying excellent physical health in later years
  • having high energy
  • experiencing daily joy
  • a post-50 life that is rich in meaning and purpose
  • having a significant positive impact on the lives of others

&ldquoYou cannot judge the value of a life by its quantity. It is by the joy that you are feeling. The more joyful you are, the longer you live. Let yourself relax and breathe and be free and be joyous, and romp. The optimum physical life experience is to have plenty of things that stimulate you to desire, and an awareness of the way you feel, so you&rsquore reaching for thoughts that feel good &mdash so you&rsquore wide open, so you&rsquore tuned in, tapped in, and turned on.&rdquo &mdash Abraham-Hicks

You likely have more freedom than you realize.

Ailments are sometimes blamed on bad genes or a family history of short lifespans, and while some traits are certainly hereditary, it&rsquos often our lifestyle habits that decide when bad genes are turned-on.

Medical doctor and researcher Dr. Terry Wahls has determined that today&rsquos standard American diet activates 65 genes that increase inflammation, whereas the Wahls Paleo Diet turns on 72 genes that decrease inflammation.

Recent longevity data made available by the Social Security Administration reveals:

  • men living to 65 today can expect to live until age 84 on average
  • women turning 65 today can expect to live until age 86
  • one out of every four 65-year-olds today will live past age 90
  • one out of 10 will live beyond age 95
  • one in 6,000 from birth could expect to live to be 100

The danger in believing that lifespans are hereditary or culturally predetermined is that it can cause people to give up on attaining optimal health.

Through better habits and healthier food choices, people can reverse their fortune.

It doesn&rsquot even have to require a strict diet (in fact, a helpful aspect to Dr. Wahls&rsquo protocol is that it provides three different levels of eating &ndash beginning, intermediate, and advanced &ndash depending on one&rsquos goals and current health challenges).

&ldquoI often ask people if they are a product of nature or nurture and I try to make a point that it&rsquos neither. It&rsquos a product of choice. You can choose your response to both nature and nurture&rdquo &mdash Steven Covey


Because a Frozen, Lifeless Hellscape Bathing in Radiation is Looking Pretty Good to Me Right Now.

Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change history, usually by rewriting it.

If you find yourself struggling with motivation here, try to picture yourself suddenly unemployed. Because you might be.

When the time comes for us to burn the candle at both ends, we’re grateful you’re here, being our candle.

It only looks like a tragedy from where you’re sitting.

When it costs too much to keep you gruntled.

Thanks for all your well-intended criticism. If I’m not perfect by now, it’s definitely not your fault.

We’ve got a talent for explaining tomorrow why the predictions we made yesterday didn’t come true today.

We bring the people of the world together so you can watch them tear each other apart.

Forcing you to get the lead out because they don’t have any.

A little knowledge goes a long way. then you’re society’s problem.

Save your bravado for social media - you’re here to get work done.

Only After the Struggle Is Over Will We Know Just How Many of our Sacrifices were Completely Unnecessary.

I Either Want Less Corruption or More Opportunity to Participate in It.

Because a Friend in Need is a Friend I Don't Need.

By the Time Justice is Done, Injustice Has Usually Gotten Away with Everything it Wanted to.

Yes, but Every Time I Try to See Things Your Way I Get a Headache.

New Paths Will Open Before You as Soon as You Lower Your Expectations.

Water Isn't the Only Thing that Rolls Downhill.

By Doing Just a Little Bit Every Day, You Can Gradually Let the Job Completely Overwhelm You.

Just look for me somewhere beyond the limits of human endurance.

Inside every snowflake is a perfectly unique meltdown just waiting to happen.

When I was told I had to pull my weight around here, I didn't realize that included everyone else's.

You can't put a price on a good education, but you can spend a small fortune to acquire skills that might help you earn a fraction of it back before technology obsolesces your knowledge set.

Play by the rules, get beat by those who don't.

The power to get you excited about that which you know isn't real.

I may disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to be punished for saying it.

You wouldn't believe how little we spent on a poster to show how much you're worth.

If things don't improve soon, we may have to ask you to stop helping us.

What optimists call objectivity when they don't like the message.

Failure is simply an opportunity to begin again, next time some place else, where they like to hire losers.

My reality isn't getting any better, but my fantasies are improving all the time.

On your own time. Here, you get paid to conform.

Instilling the self-confidence kids will need to carry them through all the failure they'll experience because they weren't taught competence instead.

Because there's nothing standing between you and your goal but a total lack of talent and complete failure of will.

Never stop trying to exceed your limits. We need the entertainment.

A nation divided against itself cannot stand to hear what those other lunatics are trying to say.

Only works when you're not jerking in opposite directions like idiots.

Because somebody has to be right and it might as well be me.

One life's journey is another's destination.

You must tweet the change you want to see in the world. It won't affect anything, but at least people will know exactly where you stood during the fight. Doing nothing. Like the poser you are.

If you require additional affirmation, get a puppy. The rest of us are trying to work.

Disaster awaits those who ignore hidden threats. We trust you'll find this sufficiently motivating.

Because there's always room for another annoying non-conformist like you in the unemployment line.

True Blood has examples of:

  • Abnormal Limb Rotation Range:
    • Lorena Krasiki infamously falls under this trope.
    • The poor prostitute that Jessica calls to treat Bill instead gets maneuvered around by an unconscious Bill, who then exorcises all her blood out through her mouth.
    • The werepanthers of Hotshot have not appeared since their failed attempt to turn Jason.
    • Arlene's entire "My baby might grow up to be a serial killer" arc gets dropped in season 4.
    • After one hugely Homoerotic Dream, the effect of Bill having given Sam his blood late in season 2 was left forever unexplored until it presumably wore off, even given Sam's emotional roller-coasters and frequent dangers.
    • The entire Lilith arc counts as well: After Bill gives his blood to some vampires so they can walk in the sun (Long Story), he somehow reverts back to being Bill again despite the Fridge Logic behind it, and Lilith disappears from the story afterwards, never to be seen again.
    • Queen Mab is introduced as a possible antagonist for Sookie in her desire to round up all the faeries and half-faeries, bring them to the Realm of Faerie, and close the portals between their world and the human world to protect their kind. She only appears briefly in one episode in season 4, never appears again afterwards (nor has any bearing on Sookie's adventures in the later seasons), and her entire crusade to round up any remaining faeries gets dropped.
    • Jessica to the redneck she bit at the end of Season 2.
    • In Season 6, three of Andy's hybrid daughters fall prey to her.
    • While the books had Sookie as the sole POV character, the show has more of an ensemble cast, leading to characters getting bigger roles or changing completely, and minor subplots growing to major storylines. Depending on who you ask, this is done with rather mixed success.
    • Maryann's role in the show was greatly expanded from her role in the book, in which Callisto (the character Maryann was based on) is confined to a very small subplot. She attacks Sookie in order to make Eric aware that she's in town and demands tribute (which she receives). Later, she shows up at a sex party, revels in the drunken sexuality for a little while, and kills most of the people in attendance.
    • Tara, Sookie's best friend, was given a much bigger part, in addition to completely changing race, personality, and. well, everything else.
    • Jason also gets this as well. His relationship with Amy (who only appeared in 1-2 pages of the book), his foray into the Fellowship of the Sun, his role in defeating Maryann his dealings with the werepanthers, his relationship with Jessica. all of this is either new material for Jason or stuff from the books that was expanded on.
    • Lafayette was a minor character in the first book and gets murdered at the beginning of the second. On True Blood, he's become a major character, in part because of his status as Ensemble Dark Horse.
    • Luna becomes a series regular after her introduction in season 4. Interestingly, her appearance in Living Dead In Dallas was exclusive to helping Sookie escape from the Fellowship of the Light, yet she has shares not one scene with Sookie in the show.
    • Maryann starts out as this, especially towards Tara, Sam, and the other residents of Bon Temps. As the show continues, this starts to slowly disappear, and she falls into Faux Affably Evil.
    • In-universe example: Amy Burlee , who is a vicious, conniving, V-addicted sociopath, but Jason still deeply mourns her death.
    • Maryann's excitement for her wedding and her tears of joy when she thought she'd finally be wed to her god had some viewers feeling extremely sympathetic for her when Sam finally ripped out her heart.
    • The expression on Daphne's face as she is murdered is quite heartbreaking.
    • Russell 's heartbroken reaction to Talbot 's death is quite moving. though also quite heavy on the squick.
    • The tears in Marnie's eyes as she screams "I am not a punching bag!" and the scene where she passes on to the afterlife .
    • Roman, for all his shouting and rage and ruthlessness, had dedicated his life to the idea of peace with humans. Subverted, as Roman was arguably a decent guy &mdash except for his continual presentation as a Jerkass, with a near-constant stream of Kick the Dog moments. More of "Alas, Poor Antagonist."
    • Part of the show's premise is that vampire blood has magical properties as a healing agent and psychedelic/performance enhancing/any other kind of drug when ingested by humans. This leads to frequent instances of humans attacking vampires and drinking their blood, inverting the traditional roles.
    • Maryann , and presumably other maenads, have black blood that is poisonous to vampires.
    • Blood from a fairy or halfling, while being mostly normal, can allow vampires the ability to daywalk for a variable period of time. In the case of Warlow, who was a fairy prior to his conversion, this results in the ability to daywalk permanently.
    • Shreveport, the third-largest city in Louisiana, serves most of the urban needs for the setting, in an attempt to avert the usual problem with fictional towns when they have more institutions and specialized businesses than their size would suggest.
    • Taken to a new extreme in later seasons, when it is revealed that the Vampire Authority, shadowy rulers over ALL vampire-kind across the entire world. are located in New Orleans, a short drive from our protagonists' hometown. This despite earlier references by high-ranking Vampires that indicated Louisiana was an unimportant backwater, far removed from the concerns of the Authority.
    • Eric's role as Sheriff and Russell Edgington's kingship of Mississippi also stand out, considering their age and power is easily on par with (if not far greater than) nearly every vampire in the series.
    • While usually not that bad, Bill Compton is definitely darker than Sam Merlotte, and both vie for Sookie's affection. Guess who wins?
      • Inverted when Eric becomes a major character Sookie's attraction to him is inversely proportional to how evil he's being at the time.
      • In the second and third season, Lorena's "relationship" with Bill essentially embodies this trope.
      • In the season finale of season 1, Sookie receives a ride home from Rene, just as Sam and Arlene realize separately that he is the killer. The audience was given reason to suspect him earlier, when the Bon Temps police received an ignored fax with information on him under his real name. Sookie reads his mind and runs into the woods, with Rene following close behind.
      • Tara with Franklin Mott outside Merlotte 's after she thought he was dead. Thankfully not alone for too long.
      • It might also be worth noting, however, that any vampires who seamlessly integrate into society wouldn't be the focus of the show. Dozens of perfectly pleasant vampires show up to Bill and Sam's mixer at the end of season 6.
      • Priapism brought on by drinking vampire blood is amusing if the person it happens to is a womanizer who lets his dick get the better of him.
      • Lorena gets this a lot, thanks to Bill and whatever he can get his hands on. Most notably a flat screen TV.
      • Russell Edgington is burnt to a crisp, wrapped in silver, and buried in cement.
      • Setting up Season 4's major cliffhanger, considering the parking garage that he was silvered and buried in is now a glorified hole.
      • This is ultimately Sarah Newlin's fate at the end of season 7: She is held prisoner in Fangtasia by Eric and Pam while they whore her out to other vampires and charge them $100,000 a minute to feed on her to be cured (or just for the sake of it). From what we see, she's completely lost her sanity during this time and is in constant despair. Although YMMV on whether or not you feel bad for Sarah considering everything she did.
      • Terry. oh Terry. "Sorry I'm late." "You're 20 minutes early" "Oh. Right. Sorry. for being. sorry."
      • Despite the fact that vampires have come out of the coffin, the majority of Bon Temps and the world don't believe in other supernatural entities. Werewolves, shapeshifters, and possibly some other groups are all deliberately encouraging this.
      • And the police think Tara's making things up when she tells them she saw a naked woman standing on the road with a pig.
      • Andy lampshades this trope, saying "And people thought I was crazy 'cause I thought I saw a pig."
      • It reaches truly ridiculous levels with the Ifrit in season 5.
      • In both real life and Greek mythology, maenads were human women who became members of the cult of Dionysus. In the show, they're just short of being deities themselves, if Maryann is anything to go by. Queen Sophie-Anne explains that Maryann and her kind indeed started out as human women (even giving an accurate description of how the Hellenic women became absorbed into the Dionysian cult) but through blind faith they became immortal and gained a myriad of other special powers. Also, this could be interpreted as an exaggeration of some myths that maenads gained the ability to perform miracles through worship of their god.
      • The Catholic Church didn't have an official Inquisition for witchcraft, as ancient Church doctrine held that there was no such thing. It was, in fact, heresy to believe in witchcraft. However, by the end of the Middle Ages many Catholic and the new Protestant laity believed in witchcraft anyway due to cultural assimilation of pagan folk legends and took to killing alleged witches, often with the support of their local clergy. Witches were usually only burnt if their crimes included heresy (a much more serious charge) or petty treason (murder of one's husband). You were more likely to be burnt for coin forgery than for witchcraft. That said, in-universe, vampires have a well-documented tendency on the show to use mind control to manipulate people into doing what they want, along with infiltrating organizations that hold societal power. Also, Antonia really was a witch, something which would have gone over a lot worse with Church authorities than Galileo's refutation of the idea that the Earth was the center of the universe. Both would have been heresy by simple virtue of contradicting Church doctrine, and the actual witchcraft probably punished much more harshly.
      • In the books, Maryann showed up to a sex party, checked out the scenery, uttered a few lines and was never heard from again. In season 2 of the show, she was the Big Bad.
      • Also, Lafayette appeared briefly in the first book and was dead by the end of it. He has a much larger role on the show and has become a real breakout character thanks to Nelsan Ellis' portrayal of him.
      • Vampires are marginalized, discriminated against, mistreated, relegated to the fringes of society, and have few or no legal rights. Most of them are also evil assholes who have no qualms whatsoever about brutally killing humans, often for no reason whatsoever, and openly consider themselves superior to humanity. It can be pretty hard to feel sorry for them sometimes.
      • Uncle Bartlett from season 1. Considering he was a pedophile who molested Sookie as a girl, no one shed any tears when Bill killed him.
      • Franklin Mott in season 3. He was a serial rapist who had a history of abducting women, raping them, and then brutally ripping them apart when they rejected him. It was hard to feel bad for him when Jason killed him.
      • As of the series 7 finale, Sarah Newlin falls into this category too.
      • Jason and Sookie count as well. Despite the problems they have and the way they started out in season 1, they ultimately care for each other deeply, with Jason going out of his way to risk his life for Sookie on several occasions (including acting as bait for two psychotic vampires who wanted to harvest Sookie) and Sookie helping her brother at different points in the series.
      • Louis Pasteur was a vampire, and the one who led the effort to synthesize the eponymous TruBlood.
      • Salome, mentioned in The Bible as demanding the head of John the Baptist and apparently a real person, is introduced as a vampire in Season 5.
      • Albert Einstein was (like Sookie) a half-fairy.
      • Season 3, episode 9: When Sam snaps. he snaps hard.
        • Hell, he counts a demi-god among his kills. He had help, but still.
        • In season 1, it's a serial killer who preys on women who sleep with vampires. In the end the killer is revealed to be Rene Lenier , whose real name is Drew Marshall.
        • Season 2 has Maryann Forrester, the maenad. For most of the season its a Big Bad Ensemble between Maryann and the Fellowship of the Sun, however, the Fellowship are defeated a few episodes before the finale and Maryann assumes the role of the Final Boss.
        • In season 3, it's Russell Edgington, the 3,000+ year old king of Mississippi and serial interferer with mortal affairs. At first glance, he comes off as Dandy-ish and a bit effeminate. However, between his bizarre hold over the Weres, his Trophy Collection, his age, and his work over the centuries, he's shown to be much more unpleasant than he appears.
        • In season 4, it's Marnie Stonebrook, a somewhat-pathetic witch who empowers herself by being possessed by Antonia, the ghost of a witch from the Middle Ages who was raped and burned at the stake by vampires infiltrating the Catholic Church. She was presumably drawn to Louisiana because of Luis, the vampire who brutalized her. When Antonia attempts to leave after seeing innocents killed in their crusade, Marnie firsts lectures her into staying and then outright stops her from leaving. After being shot, Marnie possesses Lafayette and causes a little more mayhem that way.
        • In Season 5, its Salome Agrippa, a chancellor of the Authority who becomes its Guardian. She digs up Russell Edgington and plots with him to kill Roman, the then current Guardian . After she succeeds into doing so, she becomes the Guardian and turns the Authority into Sanguinstas, a cult who worships Lilith, the very first vampire. She ends up turning Bill dark and using him as her Dragon turned partner. Half way through the season, Lilith comes in and becomes a Big Bad as well, when she manipulates the Authority members and pits them against each other by telling each of them they are chosen. Back in Bon Temps, the Big Bad is Sweetie Des Arts , a character from season 1, who wants revenge on all supernaturals.
        • In Season 6, its Sarah Newlin and Macklyn Warlow. At the start of the season, it's Warlow, but when he finally appears he isn't all that bad and actually becomes friends with Sookie. At this point, Sarah enters the picture and takes the role. She works with Truman Burrell, and they begin to kidnap vampires and infect them with Hep-V, a virus that slowly kills them. Shortly into the season, Bill kills Burrell and Sarah takes the role solely, up until episode 9, when the vampires are broken free and Sarah is defeated, fleeing the scene. After this, Warlow becomes the Big Bad again and takes on the role of the Final Boss of the season, planning to make Sookie his bride.
        • In Season 7, its Sarah Newlin. She doesn't really do much this season herself, but Hep-V (spread by her) is the biggest threat of all, killing many beloved residents and indirectly causing others to die as well. Hep-V is also the reason behind the seasons Little Bads, the Hep-V vamps. She is also the primary focus of Eric and Pam's attention.
        • Season 2: Steve and Sarah can be sort of be considered this, although, they end up as Disc-One Final Boss.
        • Season 4: Marnie and Antonia. Antonia takes possession of Marnie and begins killing vampires, making her seem to be this seasons Big Bad, until Marnie reveals that she has always had control over her own actions, meaning it was a Big Bad Duumvirate all the while. Ultimately Antonia has a Heel–Face Turn after Marnie has the vampires slaughter many people and leaves the body.
        • Season 5: Salome and Bill. For most of the season its just Salome, with Bill as sort of a Dragon. But by the end, Bill has become just as crazy and manipulative as Salome.
        • Season 6: Sarah and Governor Burrell, until he becomes a Disc-One Final Boss, leaving her as the sole Big Bad.
        • Jason rescuing Sookie and Eric in 2.08, then again in 2.10, plays it straight.
        • Then subverted again when Jason and Andy try to go and kill Maryann only to make it barely through the crowd where both are almost immediately turned into zombies.
        • Jason arrives just in time to save Tara from Franklin. And it was awesome.
        • Sam rescuing Sookie and Hoyt from Sheriff Dearborne and the 'Obamas' and damn near keeping them under control until Jason and Andy show up. Bonus points for doing it completely naked.
        • Jason and Niall successfully jump in at the last moment to save Sookie from Warlow.
        • Russell Edgington, the King of Mississippi, has one of these. It literally has a crown on top of it.
        • On a more modest scale, you have Bill Compton's plantation house.
        • When Russell senses that Talbot has been killed.
        • When Sookie reads Maryann's thoughts, she hears "Hekas, o hekas, este bebeloi!" which means "Let the profane ones depart!"
        • In Season 3, we get a German Bilingual Bonus
        • Poor Jessica. She soon discovers that her hymen is going to keep regenerating no matter how many times she has sex. So every time will be like her rather painful (but later pleasurable) first time.
        • Vampires in general have superhuman abilities, as well as KryptoniteFactors. And older, more powerful vampires become increasingly vulnerable to sunlight, a millennia-old vampireburns to ash within seconds of getting hit by sunlight.
        • Being a medium can be useful, since you can talk to and listen to spirits. If you aren't able to keep them from possessing your body whenever the mood strikes them, however, it's much more of a curse than a blessing.
        • Pure blooded fairies have nifty powers but they are so delicious to vampires that any encounter between them ends with the fairy being drained to death, no matter how "nice" the vampire normally is. Most of them live in self-imposed exile in a desolate dimension for this reason, despite wanting to live on Earth instead. They are very concerned about vampires gaining access to their dimension as well.
        • And of course, there's Sookie herself, living her whole awkward life before meeting Bill unable to date men because she can't block out their perverted (or secretly gay) thoughts. Also growing up a telepath in a small town can lead to the double whammy of the entire town thinking you're crazy AND being able to hear that very thinking.
        • Also played with in the relationship between Eric and Norah , who, while Not Blood Siblings, were both turned and fostered by the same vampire. They keep referring to each other as brother and sister, even when having passionate sex.
        • Arlene, Arlene, Arlene. What is harassing Jessica, a young vampire with poor impulse control, supposed to achieve, exactly? Do you wave red flags in front of bulls?
        • Happens quite a bit with a lot of vampires. Notably in one episode when a drug dealer bullies Eric, while Eric is lifting him up by his neck.
        • In one mini episode, a creepy old pastor tries to hit on Jessica in a bar, constantly calling her a "whore". She eventually snaps, glamours him, and commands him to shout "I'M A FUCKING PERVERT WITH A BIG BONER FOR JESUS!" for everyone to hear.
        • On a MASSIVE scale: those scientists probably didn't count on their captive vampires escaping.
        • Apparently five years of living burial is the usual penalty for a vampire who kills another vampire. Given that this doesn't kill them but causes them to desiccate and go insane, there is some overlap with And I Must Scream.
        • So does Steve Newlin, who wasn't Killed Off For Real&mdashbut the manner of his return is still surprising.
        • Finally averted in the final season when Lafayette gets a new boyfriend, vampire James Kent. However, this trope was at work behind the scenes, as James' actor in the previous season quit the show because he did not want to do a same-sex romance.
        • Sookie also does this to her dead dad after he possesses Lafayette.
        • Lafayette combines a Camp Gay wardrobe with a Hard Gay personality. He manages to be just one of the guys on the road crew and as a short order cook, often while rocking guyliner.
        • Averted by Talbot, King Russell's consort. He's clearly the "femme" partner in their relationship, but he behaves more like a politician's hard-nosed wife than a mincing, limp-wristed Camp Gay. The actor based his performance on his Greek mother.
        • Reverend Newlin after he becomes a vampire.
        • Lafayette's mother Ruby Jean tells him "You've got power, boy. That's why they're coming for you." This may be Infallible Babble, but she also once told him he could breathe underwater.
        • Lampshaded by Sookie herself in Episode 3x02.
        • The first time Grandma Stackhouse appears on screen, she's reading the novel the first season is based on. She probably should have skipped to the end.
        • As of season 5 Jason is probably the most well-developed character on the entire show with the possible exception of Sookie. He is beginning to question his womanizing ways and is becoming surprisingly introspective.
        • Jason, as he turns road construction equipment into an impromptu arsenal. Subverted in that the chainsaw doesn't do him much good.
        • Subverted again with Jessica in S3. When she gets the chainsaw, there is no corpse anymore.
        • Maryann's statue. According to Maryann, the reason Sam is "the perfect vessel" is because he appeared to Maryann a naked virgin drawn to the statue, which represents the rebirth of Dionysus.
        • The Greek mythology book Bill was seen reading in a flashback becomes integral in Maryann's defeat.
        • The gloves Bill stares at that he later uses to free himself from a silver chain.
        • The shotgun with wooden bullets given to Jason from the Fellowship of the Sun's vampire-killing arsenal in Season 2 is later used by Jason to kill Franklin in Season 3.
        • Debbie in season 3 when she goes to kill Sookie.
        • Maryanne is frequently seen sporting one of these.
        • Jason Stackhouse is a particularly tasty example of this trope.
        • Sam doesn't get a break the entire second season.
        • Poor Pam in season 4. Let's see, there's the rotting spell, losing her maker to amnesia, the painful and gross waxjob, the unpleasant "Vampire Botox" she has to inject in a half-dozen places every night for all eternity, and having to bind herself in silver just like every other vampire in Louisiana to avoid being forced by the witches to walk into the sun, all piled on the fact that she didn't want to sacrifice Eric for Sookie and tried to blow through the witch wall, which caused Eric to basically disown her. Girl just can't catch a break.
        • Jason is accused of crimes he didn't commit in the beginning of season one.
        • And Sam's got in on the action, as well. The police in Bon Temps sure seem to be a gullible bunch, don't they?
        • Taken even further in the season 4 finale. The plot wraps up halfway through, and the entire second half is spent killing off half the cast, and putting the others in terrible danger.
        • What most of Bon Temps thinks Sookie is.
        • Iraq war vet Terry Bellefleur, who is genuinely off a bit due to PTSD.
        • Maryann comes off as a cloudcuckoolander to those who don't know what she really is. In "Release Me", she comes into Sookie's house covered in dirt and blood with unruly hair and a damaged dress, holding a dead rabbit. Tara comments to Eggs that she's "so fucking weird".
        • Sam attacks Crystal's father while the guy's back is turned, with a coffee pot no less.
        • TV Holly is clearly based on her namesake from the books. But she is also meant to represent Halleigh Robinson, Andy's eventual wife, as Holly is the one who gets engaged to Andy in the series.
        • Godric is a composite of both Appius Livius Ocella, Eric's actual maker in the books, and Godric/Godfrey.
        • This gets another Call-Back in season six, when Sam is clearing out Terry's cubby and finds an armadillo keychain.
        • Charlaine Harris, the author of the Southern Vampire Mysteries book series, makes a brief appearance in the season two finale talking to Sam at the bar. He was apparently telling her what had been happening in the town, because she says "I certainly never expected anything like that to happen here."
        • In the first episode, there are pictures posted behind the bar at Merlotte's, one of which is of Charlaine Harris and Alan Ball.
        • Harris reappears in the series finale as the director of Pam and Eric's commercial.
        • Dark and Troubled Past: All of a sudden in Season 3, everyone gets one (ie: Sam? Really? Aww, c'mon. ).
        • Darker and Edgier: Though they both deal with the same general themes, the books have a lighter feel to them than the show, for which many of the characters from the books were given Darker and Edgier "make-overs."
          • In the books, Russell Edgington is described as a "gay Hugh Hefner" and is a rather laid-back vampire, although notably his people attempted to kill Bubba, as they didn't realize that he really was Elvis. On the show? Holy. Shit. He's a magnificent bastard with designs on taking over the vampire kingdom of Louisiana, with a pack of werewolves strung out on his 2,810-year-old blood as his bruisers.
          • Calvin Norris in the books was the noble patriarch of a backwoods Southern family and had a normal and successful blue-collar job. On the show he is a violent, white trash meth dealer.
          • Sookie indulges in taking matters into her own hands because of her power-related problem.
          • When Jason takes the vial of V, he spends hours trying to make his problem go away and ends up having to get the blood drained, he even had a blister on his thumb he had been going so long.
          • Tara does while showering in her dream, after having escaped Franklin.
          • Eric and Kenya are not too bad, either.
          • Talbot was well loved by fans for his snarky comments.
          • The victims of the murders in season one, with Adele Stackhouse paying the price for the sex Sookie has.
          • Talbot in Season 3. And killed with a piece of ancient vampire erotica, no less.
          • Maryann , apparently, along with maenads in general.
          • Godric too.
          • And Bill in season 7.
          • Sookie and Jason learn their parents were massive racists against the supernatural who openly hated Sookie for what she was.
          • Sam discovering how dark his birth family truly was.
          • While under demonic influence, Hoyt's mother reveals that his father committed suicide and she made up the story of him killed by a burglar to cash in on the life insurance.
          • Franklin is a Hot Vampire, cool calm and collected figure, bat-themed detective, has a mysterious past, his own theme music, and is a psychopathic, socially-retarded, psychologically-damaged man-child with severe Yandere qualities. Makes you rethink how romantic the phrase "we'll be together forever" really is.
          • The show in general, the the standard Vampire Romance genre. While the show will gleefully sexualize vampirism, it's not as quick to romanticize it. Every now and then, you are hit over the fact that they may be pretty, they may be smooth, but vampires are still, first and foremost, blood hungry predators.
          • It took quite a while until anyone in Bon Temps apart from Sam noticed that Maryann wasn't just a slightly kooky, bohemian social worker.
          • Rene was just a friendly local face until the very end when Sookie figured out that he was actually Drew Marshall. Even then, only Sookie knew about him being the serial killer until after he'd been shoveled in the neck.
          • Roy for Marnie in season 4.
          • Subverted with Salome and Roman in season 5. It seems like Salome is this for Roman (despite being 1500 years older than him) until it's revealed that Salome is a Sanguinista with her own agenda, and has no problem betraying Roman by using Russell to kill him.
          • Subverted again with Russell and Salome in season 5. Salome sees Russell as this since she rescued him from being buried under concrete and uses him to kill Roman and convert the other Chancellors into becoming Sanguinistas. However, it's pretty clear that Russell is only playing along as long as he's entertained. When he becomes bored with the Sanguinista regime towards the end of season 5, he ditches them after giving Salome and the remaining Authority members a huge Reason You Suck speech.
          • In S1 Jason drops a vase on walking in and discovering Dawn is dead.
          • Pam in 4x03, upon hearing Sookie tell her that Eric seems to have amnesia , drops the phone and is gone from the room leaving Sookie to call ". Pam?" over the now-abandoned phone.
          • Taken Up to Eleven during Antonia's spell to force all vampires to Meet the Sun.
          • Tara, with regard to her alcoholic mother.
          • Andy on being basically kicked off the squad for being the only non-idiotic person in the entire town.
          • Sookie in Season 5 after coming to realize that everyone in Bon Temps hates her.
          • Jason has a *ahem* little problem after taking a little too much V.
          • Bill threatens a ditzy college coed within an inch of her life
          • Let's not forget the oft mentioned runaway drug addict/long lost Stackhouse cousin Hadley, who eventually appears as a member of Sophie-Anne's court.
          • Lilith's blood makes vampires trip balls.
          • This happens to Marnie when she's invites the spirit of a 400 year old necromancer to possess her . However, we already see shades of this during her first couple of appearances after purposefully hijacking the coven's circle for an experiment into necromancy (briefly resurrecting her dead bird) she immediately seeks to bring back a human being. Lord knows where (or how) she intended to acquire a body.
          • Bill and Salomé, after drinking from Lilith's blood.
          • As Russell said "It makes mah dick hahd!"
          • Talbot hissy-fits over the tapestry that gets used to put out Lorena after Bill throws burning oil on her because it's centuries old.
          • Pam sprays water containing silver particles into his eyes in season 3.
          • Arlene has a blood vessel in her eye burst, apparently telekinetically, by her baby, Mikey.
          • Jason in season 4 when Pam fires a rocket at Marnie, it backfires, and completely blinds Jason. He quickly recovers when Jessica gives him her blood to heal.
          • BILL
          • Bud Dearborne, retired former sheriff of Bon Temps turns out to be the leader of a gang that aims to target and kill all supernatural beings, even young Emma.
          • Bill has rapey-sex with Lorena and then breaks her neck and turns her head 180 degrees!
          • A female vampire is brought before the Authority wearing only trousers, a bra and an iStake. Judgement is passed, the iStake is activated, and she implodes into a gory mess.
          • Andy's bare ass combines this with Naked People Are Funny.
          • Eric's fanservice was off the charts in the Season 3 opener. His first appearance featured him completely naked having wild sex with a tied-up woman and then calmly discussing Bill's abduction with Sookie, while still completely naked and then he has a conversation with Pam with a robe he decided not to close all the way. Female Gaze, anyone?
          • The fanservice is kicked up several more notches, by Alexander Skarsgård confirming in Rolling Stone that he was genuinely naked in every nude scene.
          • Alcide is a werewolf, which means, of course, he has to be naked before and after transformations.
          • Being shifters, Sam and Luna also get a lot of nude scenes after transforming back to human form.
          • Pam's tight vinyl and leather outfits.
          • Sookie, so many times. The black wig and leather outfit for the werewolf bar springs to mind, although her Merlotte's uniform alone makes many, many folks break out into a cold sweat. And, of course, her Lingerie Scenes.
          • Jason, more or less all of the time. That he is such a successful ladies' man is no surprise. The shaving scene with Ben adds some Ho Yay in just for the fun of it.
          • Subverted when Sam wakes up from his vampire blood-induced wet dream of Bill (It Makes Sense in Context) right before they kiss. Damn it, I demand to see dailies from that shoot!
          • Crystal, Sophie, Lorena &mdash do we need to say any more?
          • Jessica's Little Red Riding Hood costume when she goes to see Jason.
          • Jessica spends most of an episode wearing just her bra and panties.
          • The waitresses at Merlotte's wear very tight, skimpy uniforms.
          • Also, the existence of a shirt on Lafayette is questionable at best in some of his scenes in the kitchen, so there's something for the ladies and some of the dudes.
          • Vampires say that humans "do not feel pain as we do" to justify mistreating them never mind that they were all human once themselves. This is probably intended as a parallel to how humans treat animals, with the same (false) justification.
          • The Fellowship of the Sun is a religious movement that can't condone killing vampires but sure does cheer when it happens.
          • The Leader: Eric
          • The Lancer: Nora
          • The Smart Guy: Pam & Tara
          • The Big Guy: Surprisingly, Jason
          • The Chick: Sookie
          • Sixth Ranger / Tagalong Kid: Jessica
          • Similarly Bill's dark and troubled side takes fully over his character after him being the show's face for humanity and relative normalcy in vampires in the beginning of the show as various details about his character come to light.
          • Eric and Godric also had afew.
          • Season 5 has Pam meeting Eric &mdash it seems that before she was a vampire she was a madam in 1905 San Francisco.
          • In season 6, we get Ben (Warlow's) flashbacks of being turned by Lilith.
          • Often seen in season 7. We see Bill's life before being turned, including his first meeting with his future wife, and his fears over heading out to fight in the Civil War. Eric and Pam's past dealings with The Authority and the origins of Fangtasia get a look in. Flashbacks to Tara's childhood also form part of a minor plotline.
          • In season 1, before Sam's reveal, even to the audience, he and Sookie talk. Once Sookie leaves the room, the focus switches from Sam's face to a painting in the background. The painting shows a dog guarding a helpless, attractive, blond woman.
          • In the season 1 finale, Hoyt says he'd marry a nice vampire girl if he could find one. In the series finale, he ends up marrying Jessica.
          • After Miss Jeanette is killed, Tara's mom tells her "There's something evil out there that wanted her soul. If you're not careful, it'll come for yours." Right then, Maryann shows up and pulls Tara into a hug.
          • In episode 2 of season 3, Terry and Sookie are looking for a man who Sookie saw watching her outside of Merlotte's. His footprints have disappeared, leading Terry to comment that it's impossible for him to have done that, unless he turned into a bird and flew away. " Or a wolf, " says Sookie knowingly. Then Terry makes a comment that a coyote or panther is more likely, because he's never seen a wolf around. It comes off as a joke at first because, come on, panthers? In Louisiana? Later in the season, we find out that there's a family of redneck werepanthers living nearby, and suddenly his comment makes a lot more sense.
            • This is a case of bad book to show translation. Though they are called panthers in the books as well, Sookie makes it clear that the animals described are in fact mountain lions (akapumas, cougars, panthers, catamounts). Every physical description of them in the books confirms this. The show depicts a different type of cat commonly referred to as a panther, namely melanistic leopards or "black panthers".
            • Season 5, so far, is stretching this about as far as it can go. So far, we have Eric and Bill vs. The Authority Sam, Luna, and the shifters Terry and his past Debbie, Alcede, Pam, Lafayette, Sookie and Tara Jason and Jessica and The Sheriff vs. the Fairies. with very minimal cross over between plots. Each plot gets about 10 minutes (or less) per episode.
            • Present Day Godric is probably the most friendly vampire on the show. He's a complete pacifist, only killing when it's necessary like when he killed Gabe to protect Sookie, who Gabe had beaten and nearly raped . Judging from Eric's origin flashback, that used to be different back in the day.
            • What's worse, the audience usually sees the bad things coming before the characters do, making watching the show a little like watching a suspensful horror movie.
            • Maryann takes her devotion to Dionysus *very seriously* .
            • Season Five introduces the "Sanguinistas", a cult of vampires devoted to fanatical and literal interpretation of the bible. No, not that one, the VAMPIRE bible. The original one. The one that shows God made Lilith (the first vampire) first and made humans to be her food their endgame is no less than the her reincarnation and the restoration of vampires as rulers of the world and human nothing more than "talking cattle". There's implications that this might not be so literal as they believe, especially when Dieter claims he knew the man that wrote it, and that he was was on mushrooms at the time.
            • The Gambling Addict: Sophie-Anne. Her success seems to vary &mdash she sucks at scratchies, but kicks ass at Yahtzee.
              • Sophie's gambling was supposed to show her terrible financial situation, which is why she had Eric selling vampire blood for her.
              • In season one, Sam Merlotte wishes that Buffy and Blade were real &mdash because vampires are.
              • Tara not realizing that a mysterious social worker showing up out of nowhere and inviting her to live in her mansion where everything is handed to her on a silver platter is just a little suspicious, not to mention too good to be true.
              • And now Bill after drinking all of Lilith's blood .
              • In Season 5 we're treated to the sight of a werewolf pack eating the rotting corpse of one of their own.
                • And the exploding head of Rosalyn Harris
                • Justified in that drugs will affect any person differently. Granted, while the narrative is rather inconsistent in the effects of V, there is a degree of Truth in Television.
                • In "I Will Rise Up" she's on the verge of tears when Tara and Eggs comment that the followers of hedonistic religions were crazy.
                • The entire arc of Sookie having killed Debbie Pelt. Louisiana is a "castle" state (see 4a), making it very unlikely Sookie would be in any legal trouble for killing an armed intruder inside of her own home. Which wouldn't help her with the werewolf pack any, but does make all her worries about being arrested totally unnecessary.
                • Additionally, the state of Louisiana apparently has the power to levy war in this particular vision of the United States.
                • The Bill of Rights are incorporated as federal laws, and the governor of any state cannot unilaterally suspend them especially the rights of any individual group of citizens. However, it's clear that, even though his legal standing is highly dubious, Gov. Burrell is getting away with it due to massive public approval, though why the feds don't arrest him for violating the civil rights of vampires by having them detained without charge is unclear.
                • Bill is one for Sookie .
                • Lorena for Bill.
                • Willa and Eric in season 7.
                • In "In the Beginning" Sookie learns that her fairy power is finite, and starts actively draining it,
                • Bill has this attitude due to being forcibly made vampire by Lorena.
                • Sam regarding being a shapeshifter. So what if he can change into any animal of his choice? He just wants what every man wants. A good life, a good woman.
                • The dancers in the Hot Wings are 100+ years old fairies which Claude explains is how they got so good. What we see of their dancing, however, is mostly average stripclub writhing.
                • She tries it again early in season 5, after being turned into a vampire. Again, Pam comes just in time and uses her powers as a maker to stop Tara from trying it again.
                • Eric, both doing his job and occasionally, in his spare time. Naturally, not everyone agrees with this categorization. He's a polarizing character.
                • Jason in Season One. He gets better though.
                • Jason's rival Luke. Although it could be argued he's more Brainwashed and Crazy.
                • Many of the vampires, especially in their behavior towards humans.
                • Andy Bellefleur in Season One and early Season Two. Good Lord, Andy. Constantly dribbling an Idiot Ball, he's convinced that he is a good cop even though he's actually a drunk who likes to jump to conclusions and genuinely make an ass out of himself, especially after he gets fired and then continues to interrogate people without a badge. On the positive side, he's one of the few Bon Temps residents not prejudiced against Bill, even defending him against the Sheriff, and he later teams up with Jason to save the town from Maryann.
                • Tommy Merlotte. It's a bit low to act like a dick to the one member of your family who looked out for you, and double so AFTER HE SAVES YOU FROM A DOG FIGHTING RING. He turned his dickish tendencies Up to Eleven later, when he complimented Sam for nearly murdering a man, flirted shamelessly with an obviously not receptive Jessica, taunting Hoyt, and MAULING HIM after getting punched in the face. Disproportionate Retribution much?
                  • Possibly explained by Freudian Excuse given in the series 3 finale. Either way, it's a rough fate.
                  • And the first time he shifts into a human being&mdashhis brother Sam, who just saved him from prison &mdash he succeeds in both firing Sookie AND being a total douche with Sam's girlfriend that he just fucked. Hardly justified, even with his Dark and Troubled Past.
                  • Slightly justified as it's hinted that the baby will be evil like Rene, or at least influenced by him .
                  • Bill, Eric and Pam arguably count as well. They never got any comeuppance for attacking and terrorizing Marnie back before she had any villainous intentions &mdash even the curses that Eric and Pam received were removed.
                  • Bill gets hit with this trope hard by the end of season 6: Regardless of whether or not you think he was Brainwashed and Crazy during seasons 5-6 or had some degree of agency and made choices on his own accord, the fact is that Bill committed a number of punishable offenses (murder, rape, terrorism, human trafficking, etc) that should have resulted in the FBI showing up at his front door to arrest him and Bill being put on trial for his crimes. Some of the highlights include ordering the bombings of the True Blood factories when he was Chancellor, sanctioning a human trafficking ring in the Authority (where humans were kept naked in cells until they were brought out to be raped, drained, and disposed of), ordering sheriffs to turn humans into vampires to increase their ranks, plotting with the other members of the Authority for vampires to conquer humans, later killing Chancellors like Salome and Kibwe to get his hands on Lilith's blood, trying to force Jessica into turning Jason into a vampire against his will, refusing to help Sam when he comes to rescue Emma and even attempting to murder Sam in cold-blood, destroying the Authority (which was the heart of the vampire government) and killing anyone else who remained in the building, murdering an innocent blood prostitute in an extremely gruesome manner, luring Andy's 4 young faerie girls into his house to experiment with their blood (which indirectly leads to 3 of their deaths), killing the governor of Louisiana (who was an Asshole Victim, but was still a high-ranking government official regardless), and was largely responsible for the deterioration of vampire/human relationships by the end of the show. Even prior to what happened in seasons 5-6, Bill had committed some extremely evil acts, which included torturing, raping, draining, and killing humans with Lorena for 70 years, being a part of a sadistic nest of vampires (Diane, Liam, and Malcolm) for an undisclosed amount of time, working as Queen Sophie Anne's personal procurer for 35 years (which leads to some icky implications about what his job entailed), and pretty much getting into a relationship with Sookie by allowing two psychos to beat the shit out of her so he could pretend to play hero, drug her with his blood, manipulate her into falling in love with him, and later attempting to murder Eric and Pam to cover up his secrets so that Sookie would never find out what he did. Not only does Bill not face any consequences for his actions (nor does he face any legal repercussions for the damage he caused and the lives he destroyed), but he gets Easily Forgiven by the show and by the other characters while getting back into a relationship with Sookie despite everything he did to her.
                  • This may be Kick the Son of a Bitch for some, she did cheat on him after all. And later when she did the right thing and admitted it to him, she crossed another line when she responded to his rather justified outrage and inclination to leave her by glamouring him into forgetting everything she just told him and thinking everything was perfect.
                  • When you take a step back and think it over, there actually isn't a single character in the show that never kicked any puppies. Lies, thinking with your dick/ovaries, overly violent reactions at the most inappropriate times, manipulation of emotions, getting away with evil shit, murder when it's convenient and adults acting like annoying, selfish children.
                  • Although not quite in the same order, Sheriff Andy Bellefleur shoots his predecessor.
                  • Bill however is easily the most consistently hammy of all the main characters, with shining examples such the notorious "Sook-eh", and "Jason mah blood can save her!".
                  • Don't forget, "STOP. Sook-eh is mahn!" Also, when Bill confronts Lorena about how she "deprahved me of mah freedom. mah home. mah humaniteh! I will nevah. evah. love you!"
                  • Franklin has his moments, especially before his death, his best examples probably being: "You would have mmmourned mmmmmee", "SHUT UP SHUT UP", "You do realize, I'm a vampire?" .
                  • Also for Franklin is his "Look how fast I can type 'motherfucker'! Look at that!"
                  • Russell. His is the TRUE face of VAM-PIAHS!
                  • And DO NOT DEFY HIM! HE-IS-YO-KHIANG!
                  • Vampire glamour can excise specific memories, and is performed often. Sookie's telepathy seems to be able to revert this, and she can bring back any memories glamoured away with varying amounts of success.
                  • Antonia's spell on Eric wiped him of almost all his memories however, he seems to not only know that he's a vampire, but about vampiric feudalism - he is basically an obedient little puppy to Bill once he is informed that Bill had assumed the mantle of King of Louisiana.
                  • Hand-waved by Michelle Forbes Maryann keeps Tara and Eggs by her side because their emotional turmoil and distress make them easy prey, since she feeds on human emotional energy.
                  • Nan Flanigan is introduced in the first episode being interviewed on Real Time with Bill Maher.
                  • In the season 6 finale, Bill goes on The Last Word with Lawrence O'Donnell.
                  • He's actually got two book counterparts &mdash Godfrey and Appius Livius Ocella&mdashand he's significantly better than both of them combined.
                  • Although not much has been revealed about Sophie-Anne's background story, it's obvious she wasn't turned at twelve like her book counterpart.
                  • Sookie and Bill tend to bring the stupidity out in each other, their single-minded devotion to each other apparently leaving little room in their brains for any coherent, let alone reasonable, thoughts.
                  • When Maryann transforms, she wears a ritualistic bull mask. Technically not a straight example of this trope since it's just costuming, but the effect is the same, giving her the appearance of a minotaur.
                  • In season 6, Sookie and Jason's fairy great-grandfather many times over comes out of the fairy realm on the hunt for Warlow.
                  • Magical Abortion: Arlene believes that Good Girls Avoid Abortion, so she tries to have one of these instead (don't ask how it's any different&mdashit's Arlene, she isn't that bright).
                  • Magical Queer: Jesus. Lafayette is this in a literal sense, but he is a main character with depth and his own storyline.
                  • Mainlining the Monster: The series have vampire blood as a hot commodity. It's essentially treated like a very addictive drug.
                  • Making Love in All the Wrong Places: Sex on a pool table is seen in the opening credits. The series also features people (like Sooki and Bill) doing it outside on the ground (later also with Eric).
                  • Male Gaze: And Female Gaze too. Lots of shots of breasts and cleavage, but also several shots of shirtless men, or men's bare behinds, or clothed (and unclothed) crotches. Note that this isn't always necessarily erotic.
                  • Male Frontal Nudity: The guy that the Authority is dining on in "Somebody That I Used To Know".
                    • Eric
                    • Queen Sophie Anne counts as well since she's the one having Eric sell V to pay off her IRS taxes, only to betray him to the Magister later on.
                    • Salome. She's part of the Sanguinista movement that's determined to enslave humans, and she's the one who orchestrates Roman's death and takes over the Authority by converting the other Chancellors to Lilith's religion
                    • Violet also counts as well, considering her treatment of Jason.
                    • Maryann's surname is Forrester. Maenads live in the woods.
                    • Eric Northman is a former Viking. His name also indicates his age. He's from an time when all surnames were honest and sometimes blunt descriptions of you.
                    • Crystal. Guess what kind of drugs her pounce is involved with?
                    • Godric is a Messianic Archetype
                    • After an "anonymous" tip, Sam is discovered at Merlotte's by police minutes after finding Daphne's dead body. They think he's guilty, even after Andy Bellefleur tries to intervene on his behalf.
                    • Arlene keeps her nightie on for sex in "I Hate You, I Love You".
                    • Deborah Ann Woll obviously has a no-nudity clause in her contract. The measures True Blood takes to keep Jessica's nipples hidden in sex scenes while showing almost every other square inch of her body are heroic.
                      • Possibly done because Jessica is supposed to be permanently underaged.
                      • Eric is fantastic at this because he does it twice in "Evil is Going On". After Sookie has told off all the vampires in Fangtasia and Bill is glaring at Alcide, which prompts Eric to say: "Well, if you two are finished eye-fucking each other, we can go." The second time occurs in that same episode after Eric tattles to Sookie that Bill had manipulated her into falling for him and Sookie kicks him out of her house. While Bill lies on the ground, emotionally ravaged, Eric looks at him and says: "I want my phone back."
                      • Likewise Russell's werewolves, who have the ability to turn into. ordinary wolves. They are not really at all impressive in actual fights with vampires. Nor do they have any special resistance to injury, leading to one case in which Eric literally has to take a bullet for one because Sookie shot at it and he wanted to interrogate the guy before killing him.
                      • Season Four reveals that he has been working as an agent for the American Vampire League since the 80s and is part of a conspiracy to take over the vampire power structure
                      • Lafayette, drug dealer, gigolo, overworked hedonist. Who has two legal jobs and an illegal one, to support and take care of his mother who may or may not have disowned him prior to her mental deterioration.
                      • Eric's entire character is like this. Eric is actually an old and powerful vampire but does not have an interest in vampire politics or living extravagantly. This often leads to people making wrong assumptions about him which he is more than happy to subvert in a number of bloody ways. He is also very 'feudal' in his approach to loyalty which some might erroneously construe as weakness and subservience.
                      • Pam, though morally gray herself, has an awful lot of Pet the Dog moments with Eric in season 3.
                      • Fittingly, Eric is possibly the only person who makes Pam show a more emotional side.
                      • Talbot, for Russell.
                      • Sookie (Anna Paquin) gets quite a few nude scenes, especially around the middle of the series.
                      • Luna Garza (Janina Gavankar) and Rikki Naylor (Kelly Overton) are all gorgeous women who constantly end up in states of undress due to Shapeshifting Excludes Clothing. Danielle (Jamie Gray Hyder), who's very beautiful, also plays a werewolf woman, showing extended full frontal nudity.
                      • Special mention to Jessica, while Deborah Ann Woll's no-nudity clause makes her one of the few characters to not do full frontal nude scenes on the show, she has plenty of Lingerie Scenes and dons a fantastic Red Riding Hood costume in season 5 too.
                      • In the Season Three premiere, Jessica frantically tries to keep the trucker she fed on in the second season finale from dying.
                      • Season Four has a quite surprising one: It's actually Antonia, not Marnie, who has this reaction when their plan to wreck the reputation of vampires results in numerous innocent people being killed, and Marnie has to Hannibal Lecture her into continuing to work together .
                      • Bill just got in some of the action with voice mimicry and the apparent ability to float.
                      • And in season 3 we find out that she's part fairy and her blood is sought after by vampires because drinking it allows them to be safely exposed to daylight .
                      • The spirit of Marnie coming back to possess Lafayette . Lafayette's reaction is priceless.
                      • The look on Eric's face when Bill "evolves" and suggests blowing up Tru Blood factories .
                      • Maryann's Inner Monologue is constantly chanting in Greek, and she chants Greek incantations when she does her shaky-shaky maenad magic.
                      • All of the Maryann zombies are chanting the various names of Bacchus.
                      • Reversed by Talbot (Russell Edgington's "husband") who, despite taking the more feminine role in the relationship, is taller than Russell.
                      • Also reversed by Eric and Godric (depending on how you interpret their relationship) Eric is practically a giant while Godric, who is depicted as the dominant one in the relationship, is unusually short for a man.
                      • Bill often seems to resort to chewing the scenery to disguise Stephen Moyer's native accent.
                      • While Jessica starts her tenure on the show with a Southern accent, Deborah Ann Woll gradually loses the accent as the series progresses, and by the end is using the accent she uses as Karen Page in Daredevil (2015).
                      • Russell Edgington occasionally slips from his Deep South accent to a German accent in season 5 when he gets angry. According to Denis O'Hare, Russell was a Druid priest before he became a vampire, and his Southern accent is also brand-new because he's only been vampire king of Mississippi for 50 years.
                      • They look like very pretty humans.
                      • They wear white or pastel clothes that wouldn't be out of place at a sixth-grader's ballet recital.
                      • They seem to literally eat and drink light.
                      • They live in a sunlit realm full of trees and flowers and crystalline ponds.
                      • They enjoy sunshine, swimming, dancing, and being naked while doing any of these things.
                      • As of season four, it seems that all of the above is an illusion created to keep the half-humans they've lured into the fairy realm under their control. Real fae are inhuman, angry, dirty, and live in a barren wasteland as a result of the vampires hunting them down. Their attitudes are more like The Fair Folk.
                      • They can enter the human realm and interbreed with humans.
                        • And some of them, at least, REALLY enjoy giving birth. Not the conception (though they may enjoy that as much as humans do), the actual giving birth.
                        • Silver burns vampires quite badly.
                        • And how they must react when an invitation has been rescinded.
                        • Vampires can appear in mirrors and are unaffected by crosses and holy water.
                        • With some exceptions (Eddie, Godric, Isabel, Jessica, Tara , Willa, James, and Keith), the vampires treat humans like pets at best, and snacks at worst. They also view humans as inferior to them.
                        • Apparently, the older vampires get, the more susceptible they are to sunlight: Bill, at 170, withstood the sunlight for several minutes, whereas Godric, at 2000, ignited in blue fire within a few seconds of exposure .
                        • Vampires can be out in the sunlight for a brief period of time if they've consumed fairy blood. Eric and Russell (who were both 1000 and 3000 years old respectively) were able to briefly be in sunlight (although they did eventually turn crispy as the blood wore off). It's unknown how long fairy blood can stay in a vampire's system, or if it only dissapears from their system if a vampire comes into direct contact with sunlight. The only exeption to this is Warlow's blood (who is half-fairy/half-vampire) which gives the vampire who drinks from him permanent daywalking abilities (at least according to Word of God).
                        • Vampires have some sort of psychic connection with people who drank their blood directly from the source &mdash they sense their emotions and can find them anywhere and the person in question has Erotic Dreams of them.
                        • Similarly, makers seem to have some connection with their progeny, which means they can find them, mentally call them &mdash and feel when they die.
                        • The bonds that makers have with their progenies differ from person to person.
                          • Bill Compton's bond with Jessica Hamby is an exclusively father-daughter relationship.
                          • Lorena Krasiki and Russell Edgington created progeny to prolong romantic and sexual relationships, and have spousal relationships with their progenies (Bill and Talbot).
                          • A progeny may turn a vampire and become a maker him or herself while still bound to his/her maker. The grandparent/grand-maker has no mystical bond with the grandchild/grand-progeny.
                          • Werepanthers (like werewolves) can also transform at will, even during the day.
                          • Werepanthers can be staked, as shown when Jason jumps from a tree and kills Felton with a makeshift spear.
                          • Like werewolves, werepanthers are highly suseptible to vampire blood.
                          • They can transform at will, even during the day.
                          • Their body temperature is above the average of humans.
                          • They are vulnerable to injuries and bullets.
                          • A packmaster can influence the transformation of nearby fellow werewolves.
                          • It's genetic, not a disease. According to Alcide, a were can't pass on the curse to another by biting.
                          • Sookie and Jason were raised by their grandmother after their parents were killed in a flood.
                          • After the first time Sam transformed (accidentally) into a dog, his parents packed up and left him.
                          • Tara (to an extent) as her mother was a raging alcoholic.
                          • The Authority under Salomé
                          • Also played straight (more or less) when Sookie walks in on Eric in season three, although she seems to have a hard time trying to be entirely horrified.
                          • Somewhat deconstructed around the middle of season 5: after the inconceivable trauma and heartache that's basically been the entire show thus far, she reveals the fact that she's now once again stuck in the middle of some supernatural psychosis and is along for the ride whether she wants to be or not. "MUST BE THURSDAY!" The fact that this happened when she and Alcide were about to get frisky after a night of VERY heavy drinking before she puked on his boots on top of the fact that they were going after Russell Edgington, possibly the most threatening vampire in the WORLD that they all thought was dead except for the fact that Bill and Eric wanted him to suffer more really didn't help her normal go-get-'em attitude.
                          • Not kills per se, but imagine if Sookie, Sam, and Tara sat down and compared notes on how their days went, and were up front about the supernatural stuff they ran into.
                          • Andy acting as a witness to Maryann's orgy. "A bull! In a dress! With claws!"
                          • Pretty much everyone who speaks out against the threat posed by vampires comes across as at best inarticulate, at worst racist bigots. The simple fact that prior to the invention of True Blood most vampires killed a lot of people as part of their regular feedings habits is commonly overlooked in favor of their (alleged) current diet of True Blood. Likewise, it is fairly common knowledge that vampires have Hypnotic Eyes, but suggesting that they might use them regularly (which they do) is implied to be seen as being paranoid.
                          • Fresca!
                          • Mountain Dew.
                          • Yahtzee
                          • Diet Pepsi Lime. Really, the product placement in this show seems to be becoming a Running Gag.
                          • Abita Beer, a Louisiana microbrew, is mentioned at Merlottes, including a neon sign prominently behind the bar.
                          • "Powers can't be traded like fucking Pokemon cards!"
                          • When Bill is about to be tried for Longshadow's staking and sentenced to siring Jessica, the vampire preceding him is having his fangs torn out as punishment for feeding on a human belonging to another vampire.
                          • In Season 5 Steve Newlin tries to buy Jason from Jessica.
                          • Lampshaded by Lafayette in season 5, as well as why it's not always a good thing: "Oh, you'll survive, it's what you do. But you sure leave a trail of bodies behind. You're the fuckin' angel of death."
                          • The Magister at Bill's sentencing: "Back your shit down!"
                          • Eric, most notably in the third season.
                          • At the end of season three, Bill is revealed to have been playing this trope pretty straight.
                          • "Eggs" Benedict.
                          • "Fangtasia", Eric and Pam's club. Bill tells Sookie that many vampires are fond of puns, due to them formerly being regarded as high humor.
                          • The name of the werewolf bar that Sookie and Alcide visit in the third episode of season 3 is Lou Pine's.
                          • The last name of Alcide's werewolf ex-girlfriend, Debbie Pelt.
                          • Hoyt's awful mother Maxine, who hates Methodists, Catholics, black people, and (more justifiably) vampires.
                          • Terry and Andy's bitchy grandmother. She complains about Sookie's presence at Terry's funeral , calling her a weirdo, complains about all the 'Negroes' there, and openly asks if Lafayette is a boy or a girl.
                          • Season 1 reveals that Uncle Bartlett molested Sookie when she was a kid. When Gran found out about his, she drove him out of the house and cut all contact with him.
                          • Season 2 reveals Sam was raped by Maryann when he was 17
                          • In Season 4, we see Luis and Don Santiago raped Antonia during the Inquisition, which contributed to her hatred of vampires.
                          • In Season 5, we find out that Jason had a sexual relationship with a teacher (Mrs. Steeler) when he was 13 years old, which makes it a case of Statutory Rape.
                          • In season 5, we learn that Pam was a prostitue in San Francisco where, given her profession and the way women were treated back then by men, it's most likely that rape and/or sexual assault happened at her brothel.
                          • Also in season 5, Salome reveals that, as a teenager, she was wrapped in scarfs by her mother and given to Herod Antipas to have his way with her. She got villified by history for it, even though she was undoubtebly a victim of rape.
                          • Sam being raped by Maraynn when he was 17 and unable to fight back against her.
                          • Franklin and Tara &mdash in this case, Franklin is insane and has convinced himself completely the sex is consensual when Tara is only not fighting back because he's an insane vampire who can kill her without thinking about it.
                          • In "Hotshot" with Crystal, Jason, and the other females wherein one bursts into tears when Jason fights her and tells her to get off him. She cries because it was the first time she'd ever had sex she enjoyed .
                          • Jason gets this again in season 5 when it's revealed that one of his teachers, Mrs. Steeler, committed statutory rape by having sex with Jason when he was 13. Jason at the time didn't see it like that, but when he later reconnects with her, it hits him hard.
                          • "Bad Things" by country music singer Jace Everett. Yes, country music singer.
                          • Each of the closing themes are real, and usually reference the episode title.
                          • Jason has had sex with almost every willing female to cross his path, except his relatives and Tara.
                          • Human Eric seems to have been some sort of proto-Jason. The vampire version isn't chaste, either.
                          • Also kind-of the case with Tommy Merlotte. His "skin-walking" shifting is pretty literally tearing up his insides every time he does it, but after realizing how much he's completely screwed up his life, and everyone else's lives that he's touched lately, he decides to do it one more time to encounter a surefire beat-down if not deliberate murder in his brother's place. Turns out they didn't actually want to kill him, just "kick the shit out of him", but Tommy was so messed up from the shifting that it was fatal anyway, and he asked to be taken back "home" to Merlotte's instead of a hospital, since he didn't want to keep living anyway .
                          • Hilariously played straight in season 7 when Eric finally agrees to have sex with Ginger and she appears to orgasm before Eric can even unzip his jeans.
                          • With the exception of a scene between Bill and Lorena.
                          • Aka, the guy who set everything in motion when he attacked Marnie.
                          • Somebody asks Sookie "What are you?", and she replies "I'm a waitress".
                          • Sookie needing to clean her house of blood or supernatural messes of some kind.
                          • Sanity Slippage: Sarah "Noomi" Newlin in Season Seven. Alone and on the run, knowing the True Blood corp and the vampires would want to get ahold of her, and only having one trump card left to play . but can she play it before a vampire kills her? The visions she has of her ex-lovers pull her in different directions.
                          • Sassy Black Woman: Tara is the most visible example, but basically all the black women who show up are like this, like Kenya and a sober Lettie Mae.
                          • Schmuck Bait: Lafayette warns Jason that if he's using vampire blood for sexual purposes to have one drop, two at the maximum, or things will get "intense, and not in a good way". Jason, downs an entire vial (albeit panicking because he had it on his person while in police custody) and pays the price for it.
                          • Screaming Woman: Ginger seems to scream for just about any reason at all. It is a running gag that virtually any scene involving Ginger will end with her screaming her lungs out, not to mention Eric being able to identify and find her by the sound of her scream alone.
                          • Bill asks Sookie to take the clip out of her hair and shake it free before their first kiss.
                          • Jessica in 4x02 when she arrives at Fangtasia.
                          • The ship resurfaces in season 3, but is promptly torpedoed after Jason confesses to Tara that he killed Eggs .
                          • Of course, now that Sookie knows the truth about why she first met Bill, and has broken up with him, seemingly permanently this time.
                            • And as of S403, it appears Alcide is back with his ex. and then in S404, he strips naked to shapeshift RIGHT IN FRONT OF SOOKIE, who gets an eyeful.
                            • Buffy &mdash "I would love to just rip you open and wear your ribcage as a hat."
                              • Also, when Jason, while "confronting" a vampire in a training scenario breaks a nearby flagpole in half in order to get a wooden stake, another trainee angrily asks him if he thinks he's "some kinda Muslim Buffy with a dick". Doubles as a Funny Moment.
                              • Probably doubles as a shout out to Charlaine Harris's own short story "Dracula Night" wherein Book!Eric is revealed to be a massive Dracula fanboi to the point of ridiculous self-delusion.
                              • He reappears at the tail end of the season 4 finale. Now he's a creepy little vampire weirdo.
                              • Bill and Lorena in 3x03. The two have hate sex (well, from Bill's side) which ultimately leads into Bill literally twisting her neck around backwardsExorcist-style.
                              • That and what the public sees is revealed to be totally fake when she questions Eric on behalf of the AVL. Actually, she's a huge bitch.
                              • When Sam and Daphne describe how shifting feels, you get the feeling they're really just talking about having an orgasm.
                              • Repeated appearances by both Godric and Lilith as spirits suggest that they are in fact real.
                              • Franklin is one of the most fully-realized examples of true stalker mentality in media. He's genuinely shocked and hurt that Tara thinks he tied her to a bed for any reason besides her own safety and is utterly convinced that she's in love with him no matter what her demeanor is.
                              • Godric faces the sun on a rooftop. This suicide by sunlight comes complete with weeping friends, inner peace and dissolving into the light.
                              • In the fourth season, Marnie tries to make every vampire in Bon Temps do this. She succeeds with a few nameless extras, but most silver themselves down and render themselves immobile to avoid this fate.
                              • Shortly after being made a vampire, Tara tries to commit suicide by tanning bed. As her maker, Pam is not pleased.
                              • So when a male vampire has an orgasm.
                              • Lafayette uses this occasionally, notably to Tara and Jesus. "Just you, bitch. Just you."
                              • Another one of six months occurs about two thirds of the way through the season 6 finale.
                              • And we get two at the end of the season 7 finale, first to one year and then 3 years.
                              • Sookie also runs in fourth place to this trope because she constantly runs into danger without a plan, and worse, without a weapon. See Season 3, episode 2 where she runs blindly into the woods to find a werewolf who clearly intends to either kidnap or murder her and taunting him while she does so.Brilliant, Sookie.
                              • Another notable example of Sookie's shining intelligence occurs in the third episode of season three. Perhaps it isn't a great idea to agree to go into a private back room alone with a werewolf that doesn't have the slightest concern about her welfare. Perhaps. However, her plan to get information out of the werewolf succeeded, despite how dangerous the conditions were. If Alcide hadn't been friends with the bouncer, not even plot armor would have been able to protect her against even one werewolf, let alone a whole gang of them.
                              • This is a common trait of anyone mind-controlled by Maryann: Andy and Jason are able to convince a whole bunch of them that Jason is Dionysus with a bunch of flares, a gas mask, and a branch. In addition to being stupid, the mind-controlled people also have no sense of self-preservation, as Jason learns when he threatens to shoot a nailgun into Arlene's head. After a momentary pause, everyone except Terry starts laughing and urging Jason to do it because it looks like fun, including Arlene herself. Later on, Sookie walks in on Jane Boathouse chopping her finger off as her contribution to the idol sacrifice to Dionysus
                              • Bill. Double-crosses Eric, binds him with silver, dumps him into a pit to be buried in cement. and then just walks away before it even covers Eric's head.
                              • For example, as of the beginning of the fifth season Jessica has gone from being a really sweet person to somebody who tells a roomful of humans who were partying with her, "Hey, you IDIOTS! You're boring me, go back to your human lives before I eat you!" And right before this particular moment, when one of them is drinking from a keg she is holding high in the air with one arm, she notices a girl starting to throw up. She abruptly drops the heavy keg so that it almost lands on the drinker, runs over to the sick girl with vampire speed, snaps at her "Not in the house!" and shoves her out the front door.
                              • And in Season Three Jason gets even better.
                              • Jessica in Season 3. And Sookie to a lesser extent.

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                              The participants either ingested 3mg/kg of caffeine (the equivalent of a strong coffee) or a placebo at 8am and 5pm.

                              To make sure the study was fair, the hours elapsed since the last meal, physical exercise and the consumption of any other substances were standardised across all participants.

                              The results revealed that participants who consumed the caffeine burned more fat than those who had taken the placebo.

                              Dr Amaro-Gahete said: 'The results of our study showed that acute caffeine ingestion 30 minutes before performing an aerobic exercise test increased maximum fat oxidation during exercise regardless of the time of day.'

                              Delving deeper into the findings, the researchers also found the fat oxidation during exercise was higher in afternoon than in the morning.

                              According to the team, this suggests that caffeine increases fat oxidation during morning exercise in a similar way to that observed without caffeine in the afternoon.

                              While there are no specific guidelines for caffeine consumption, too much caffeine can lead to a range of issues, including insomnia, nervousness and heart palpitations.

                              In 2015, the European Food Safety Authority published its Scientific Opinion on the Safety of Caffeine, stating that adults consuming up to 400mg of caffeine per day – and single doses of 200mg – should not be exposed to safety concerns.

                              ENERGY DRINKS - ARE THEY SAFE?

                              There has been a stark rise in Britons’ thirst for caffeinated drinks – at least 600 million litres are drunk every year, 200 million more than ten years ago.

                              Figures from the British Soft Drinks Association reveal that the volume of energy drinks consumed in the UK increased from 463 million litres in 2010 to 679 million litres in 2017, with the UK market now worth £2billion a year.

                              Some 55 per cent of those aged between 12 and 24 years old suffer everything from vomiting and chest pains to even seizures from the drinks, despite most consuming less than the recommended one-to-two beverages a day, a Canadian study found last January.

                              As well as the drinks' alarmingly high caffeine levels, the researchers believe consuming them with alcohol or during exercise makes them even more dangerous.

                              Previous research has linked energy drinks, such as Red Bull, to obesity, heart abnormalities and even sudden death due to their high-sugar and caffeine content.

                              Most energy-drink consumers are unaware of the products' main ingredients, health implications or appropriate serving sizes, experts have said.

                              How much caffeine do they contain?

                              A 250ml serving of a typical energy drink - half the standard bottle or can size - contains 80mg of caffeine per litre – twice as much as a regular cola drink, but the same as a 60ml espresso.

                              Experts have warned that caffeine-packed energy drinks could be fuelling a record rise in diagnoses of irregular heartbeats, one of Britain’s biggest killers.

                              Just one energy drink daily could trigger arrhythmia, an abnormal heart rhythm which increases the risk of stroke five-fold.

                              It is thought that this is because excessive caffeine consumption dramatically increases the amount of calcium released within the heart’s cells, disrupting the electrical rhythm.

                              Experts also warn the addition of high quantities of sugar in energy drinks could be a reason for their potency.

                              How much sugar do they contain?

                              Campaigns, such as Action on Sugar have called for a complete ban on the products for under 16s.

                              Their study in December 2017 found the average sugar content was more than an adult's entire maximum daily recommendation for sugar intake in the UK.

                              Likewise, 78 per cent of products exceeded the maximum daily recommendation for sugar intake for a child aged seven to ten 10 years - 24 g or six teaspoons.

                              Certain manufacturers reformulated before the Soft Drinks Industry Levy in April 2018 in the UK.

                              It would mean that one 250ml Red Bull energy drink containing 27g of sugar (five-and-a-half teaspoons), now costs an extra 6p.

                              Before reformulation in 2017, the Punched Energy and Tropical Guava Flavour products from Rockstar, contained a staggering 78g, or 20 teaspoons, of sugar per 500ml serving - more than three times the daily recommendation of 25g for women and 38g for men.

                              Now, these drinks contain 24g of sugar per 500ml, the equivalent of six teaspoons per 500ml.

                              What if Warranty is Over But You Need to Find Someone Who Can Repair Cheaper

                              Eventually your equipments warranty will expire. Usually a year or two. Afterwards, there’s a chance you’ll get charged higher price for repairs from the place you purchased from. Usually, a good quality made espresso machine last for years and years. But if you’re super busy it is inevitable that you will need maintenance and minor repairs.

                              This is what I would do. Go to a 7-Eleven. Hey, its Thailand, don’t worry, you’ll find one. Inside they might have a commercial espresso machine inside.

                              Ask the employees if they can give you the phone number of the repairmen’s phone number. Make sure it’s the personal cell number, not the repair company. You get the idea? You might have to slip a 100THB note, just a little bit of cash or you might not. But small gestures greases the wheels.

                              Every 7 Eleven is contracted with a company to repair their 7 Eleven espresso machines. When my espresso machine needed some maintenance this was what I did exactly. I went next door to my 7 Eleven, got the phone number of a repairman and gave him a call. And the repair guy charged way cheaper.

                              Now, I’ll get to the soul of the coffee business. The fuel (literally) billions of people consume cups of on a daily basis. And that’s the beans.

                              Highly Visible Ninja

                              The result of Mook Chivalry when applied to Ninja.

                              While suffering from the law of Conservation of Ninjutsu, Ninja mooks not only forget how to fight properly and how to take advantage of their superior numbers, they also forget what a ninja truly is.

                              Back at the dojo, didn't their sensei explain that the whole point is to be stealthy, secretive, even invisible? Why do they suddenly feel the need to appear in broad daylight, dressed in stereotyped kabuki-theater stagehand costumes, yell "Kiai!" as loudly as possible, and perform gymnastics and twirl their weapons like they're putting on a show? Even worse, they feel the need to do these things from a distance of about fifty meters, even when they know the enemy have guns (though this isn't always a problem).

                              The real reason is the works need to make sure the audience sees the ninja. There's also this funny paradox: ninja are assassins. Assassins traditionally killed people through underhanded methods &mdash stabbing In the Back, poisoning, etc. &mdash not direct battle. Not only is this not honorable, it's not as exciting as a full fledged fight. Heroic (and technicolor) ninja are smart enough to avert this, while villainous ones are still needed to entertain the viewers.

                              Typically the justification for visible assassins is that, if you can actually see the ninja, then you're either going to die soon, or you are a Worthy Opponent. There is also Truth in Television at work here, since, historically, ninja rarely ever wore black garb when looking like a commoner or somebody else more uninteresting would be easier. After all, if you're caught doing something suspicious as a commoner, you can probably pull a satisfactory explanation out of your ass or blend into a crowd if a chase starts. If you're caught wearing stereotypical ninja garb while doing something suspicious, the enemy isn't going to wait for an explanation. Quite often, these kinds of ninjas, along with the Overt Operative type of personnel, are used as distractions so the real covert operatives can get to work.

                              The Theme Park Version of ninja. Often seen in McNinja. See Highly Conspicuous Uniform for the military version of this trope, and Overt Operative for the super-spy version. Contrast with Technicolor Ninjas, who are stealthy despite their brightly-colored outfits (and whom some Highly Visible Ninja, by virtue of their experiences, eventually become). Often overlaps With Catlike Tread if the ninjas are still considered to be stealthy despite actually being highly conspicuous.

                              Dr Disrespect

                              The most ruthless competitor in video game history

                              Game Fuel

                              Mountain Dew



                              ^ According to studies, caffeine in combination with theanine has been shown to improve accuracy and alertness. Accuracy refers to the state of being correct or precise. In some studies, people who consumed caffeine and theanine had improved accuracy on an “attention switching task” – the ability to shift back and forth between different task sets – and reported increased alertness. In another study, people who consumed caffeine and theanine improved on a computer task that measured how accurately the participants responded to targets and did not respond to non-targets.

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                              Watch the video: The Pretty Reckless - Zombie live in Paris by Emii (June 2022).


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