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Dessert cake with chocolate cream and blackcurrant jelly

Dessert cake with chocolate cream and blackcurrant jelly

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For the countertop, bring the ingredients to room temperature at least 30 minutes before starting the preparation of the countertop composition and especially the eggs. In particular, eggs should not be cold, taken directly from the refrigerator when we start working, because meringue can cause us problems. Separate the egg whites from the yolks and sprinkle a little salt, both over the egg whites and over the yolks. Mix the egg whites at the top of the mixer until they become frothy. Then gradually add the sugar, which is recommended to turn into powdered sugar. I grind it in the coffee grinder. Mix further until a firm meringue is obtained, so that, if we turn the bowl upside down, the meringue will remain fixed on the walls of the bowl. Rub the yolks with the salt sprinkled over them, to intensify their color. Then add the oil, water and lemon juice and mix well. We pour them over the meringue, and if it is firm as it should be, the yolk mixture will remain on top. Slowly incorporate them into the meringue, also with the help of the mixer, but at a lower level, then remove the mixer and continue using a spatula. Then gradually incorporate the sifted flour to aerate it, as well as the finely grated lemon peel. Grease the walls of the mold with oil and sprinkle with powdered sugar. At the base of the mold we place a baking paper cut round, the diameter of the mold. We spread the top composition in the form of baking, level it and give the shape to the preheated oven. Bake the top for 30-35 minutes at 180 degrees, or until it passes the toothpick test. After extinguishing the fire, leave the top in the oven for 4-5 minutes. Then let it cool slightly in the baking dish and turn it over on the tray to remove the baking paper. It is a very high countertop, which I sectioned into three parts. And it has a strong lemon aroma, as well as a beautiful yellow color, both from the yolks and from the oil and lemon.

For the syrup, put the water with the sugar in a bowl, on the fire and mix until the sugar is diluted. Lift the pot off the heat, add the essence and let the syrup cool.

For the chocolate cream, we put in a bowl, on the fire, the liquid cream. Leave it close to boiling point, then lift it off the heat. Add the broken chocolate in small pieces and mix intensely with a spatula, until the chocolate is melted and the cream is homogenized. Let the dark chocolate cream cool. Heat the currant jam on a steam bath and drain 100 ml of syrup. When the chocolate cream is well cooled, put the mixer in it and froth it. Add 50 ml of currant syrup. Let it cool until ready to use.

For decoration cream, we mix the liquid cream, but not until it becomes very firm, but only until it becomes frothy. Add the stopped chocolate cream and continue mixing until smooth and the cream becomes firm. Add the currant syrup and mix again until the cream is smooth. Let it cool until ready to use.

We assemble the cake. Divide the cake top in half and syrup both sides with the cooled syrup. The top of the cake, we will use it at the base, because it does not even come out uniform. We place it on the plate and surround it with the removable walls of the cake form. Spread the dark chocolate cream and add over it, the second part of the countertop, pressing it lightly. We give the cake thus assembled in the cold, for 30-40 minutes, then we remove the removable walls of the baking tin. Spread 3/4 of the decoration cream over the whole cake and level it. With a toothed shape, or with a fork we draw some stripes on the sides of the cake. We put the rest of the stopped cream in a posh and decorate the top edge of the cake.

For currant jelly, pass the currant jam through a blender until it becomes a paste. Weighed after draining 100 ml of syrup, 250 g of jam remained. We then pass it through a sieve to become fine and mix it with a tablespoon of starch. Put the pot on the fire and mix intensely in the composition, until it becomes homogeneous and thickens. Let the currant jelly cool slightly and spread it evenly over the cake. We draw, with a fork, circles all over its surface, to look more attractive. Let the cake cool until the jelly is hardened, then we can cut it and serve it with our loved ones. It was very good, I highly recommend it!

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