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Stewed zucchini

Stewed zucchini

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Zucchini in carpione recipe of 08-09-2015 [Updated on 21-12-2018]

The marinated zucchini is a delicious side dish prepared with fried zucchini then seasoned with a marinade based on wine and vinegar, herbs and onion. Usually this type of preparation, in carpione, is used to cook fish, especially trout and salmon, but it also fits perfectly with meat or vegetables. The marinated zucchini can be kept for several days in the fridge so that you can prepare them in advance and then serve them at your convenience. Girls, I'll leave you with the recipe for soaked zucchini, kisses and we'll read later with a video that tells what lies behind the Misya microworld;)


How to make marinated zucchini

Wash and trim the courgettes and cut them into sticks.Fry them in abundant boiling oil
Once golden, lift them, let them dry on absorbent paper, then put them in a bowl.
Now prepare the carpionata: finely chop the onion and garlic

Fry in a pan with oil together with the aromatic herbs.

Deglaze with the vinegar and white wine.

Now season the zucchini with the carpionata, season with salt and let it rest for a couple of hours in the fridge

Then serve the marinated zucchini.

Video: Рагу из кабачков и баклажанов по цыгански. Овощной cuisine. (June 2022).


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