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Ligures rabbit

Ligures rabbit

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Recipe Ligurian rabbit from of 22-02-2018 [Updated on 22-02-2018]

The ligures rabbit is a second dish from the Liguria region, known and appreciated throughout the boot. The recipe is very old and was born thanks to the large breeding of rabbits that was possible to find in these parts in ancient times! As it is easy to guess, the combination of rabbit with olives it is perfect, because it creates the right contrast between the sweetness of the meat of rabbit and the bitterness of black olives (preferably the Taggiasca), and many of the typical products of Liguria are used, including pine nuts and aromatic herbs.
The request to prepare this recipe came from my father, who worked for years between Genoa and Alassio and had the desire to taste this typical regional dish again ... how could I not satisfy him;) So, instead of the classic rabbit alla cacciatora that usually prepares my mom, we opted for this recipe, and the result is what you see. Good day to those who pass by here :)


How to make Ligurian rabbit

Start cutting the rabbit into pieces.
In a pan with the oil, sauté a chopped onion, then add the rabbit and sauté.

Chop and then add the aromatic herbs and cook until the rabbit is golden.

Meanwhile, prepare olives and pine nuts and add them after blending the meat with the wine, then add the bay leaf.
Mix the ingredients, add a little broth and salt and cover with the lid.
Stir from time to time and cook for about an hour, add a little broth if necessary.

Reduce the sauce, then your Ligurian rabbit is ready to be served.

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