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Star ravioli recipe video

Star ravioli recipe video

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Recipe Video recipe ravioli a stella di of 11-12-2015 [Updated on 22-09-2016]

In this video recipe I show you how I prepare star ravioli, which is a simple dish to prepare but with a sure effect!
These are ravioli prepared with egg pasta, stuffed with grated caciotta, parmesan and marjoram, but the real highlight of the dish is the lovely star shape I gave it. In this way the dish has become absolutely scenographic and "important", therefore perfect for party tables.
For an extra touch and to bring some color to the table, I added some pink peppercorns to the butter sauce, whose color stands out well on the light tones of the dish. A good first course then, but also beautiful to look at! Watch the video to the end then to find out how it is prepared!


How to make star ravioli

Video: Crab Ravioli Recipe. Tim Maddams (June 2022).


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