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Delicious Side Dishes for Your Next Barbecue

Delicious Side Dishes for Your Next Barbecue

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Mouthwatering recipes to get you prepped for hosting

Summer is all about grilling and spending time outdoors—it’s been a long winter, you deserve it!Choosing the side dishes for your BBQ is just as important as the place setting or the drinks. Krusteaz has mouthwatering recipes to get you prepped for hosting.

When in doubt, always bet on cornbread! It’s the perfect BBQ side dish and this green chili and cheese cornbread has just the right amount of spicy cheesy goodness.

Bite-sized snacks have to be on the menu for your next summer gathering, and caramelized pear, bacon and brie bites are just what the doctor ordered. Crisp bacon, sweet pear, and flaky crust—what more could you want?

These cheesy appetizers will definitely be a hit with both kids and adults. They’re easy finger food that your guests can grab after they’ve loaded up their hotdog or cheeseburger.

Need a quick dessert to whip up alongside your savory dishes? Combine Krusteaz Meyer Lemon Bar Mix, raspberries, and white chocolate chips, your dessert will be ready in just 40 minutes.

For more grilling side ideas and recipes, visit and get acquainted with the Baker's Dozen.

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