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Chicken breast roll served with bacon and vegetables

Chicken breast roll served with bacon and vegetables

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We prepare it marinaded as follows: chop the garlic, chop the ginger only half the amount, put the cup of wine, add the balsamic vinegar, honey, salt, pepper, add the onion and the properly chopped carrot mix well and add the meat, which we can leave for at least two hours but can also be left overnight.

We go on to prepare the roll, we put 4 slices of bacon, we add over the chicken breast that was previously beaten, over which we add the chopped ginger, we add the pepper and the parsnip cut into thin strips (only a few strips) and on top we can cut the slices before rolling. thin, after which we run tight. At the same time in a pan I put butter and oil, when it heats up add the roll with the joint down to fry on all sides. After the roll has taken on color, take it out of the pan and leave it to stand, then cut the rest of the carrot, parsnip and a little pepper and form a bed on which we will place the roll and put it in the oven, put oil and a little broth. put chicken and bake for 15-20 minutes.

Cut the rest of the peppers into cubes, the bacon, add: chives, tzuchini, olives, salt, pepper, add rosemary and sauté for a few minutes, then take them out and leave them waiting. Slice the tzuchini and white radish into thin slices and fry for a few seconds on each side, remove and place on absorbent towels to remove excess oil.

We check if the roll is ready and take it out, and we blend the vegetables from the roll and add a little stock of chicken to be more liquid, we taste it and if it doesn't ask for anything, this is the sauce that will accompany our preparation. .

Now we will proceed to arrange our preparation as follows: place on the plate, three slices of white radish, put the metal circle in which we add the vegetables and bacon, press a little to stay as tight as possible so that it does not fall apart, then remove the circle, dress vegetables in slices of tzuchini that have been previously pressed with black sesame (which was pan-fried for a few seconds, without oil). After it has cooled we can cut the roll, it will be on top of our preparation, as in the pictures below.

We can give another arrangement to our preparation as follows, namely after the roll has cooled we cut it into slices and during this time we can start preparing different types of purees and obviously we will prepare a dressing that will be suitable for our preparation .

I made mashed celery, carrot and spinach. Separately I cleaned the celery, I washed it, I cut it into smaller pieces and I boiled it in the same way I did with carrots (peeled, washed, cut, boiled) after which I blended the two vegetables separately, after which I put a cube of butter, I added the blended celery, I put a little milk, salt and white pepper and let it boil when it decreased accordingly I add a tablespoon of cream for cooking (liquid 32% fat), after was absorbed, we check that our puree has consistency and we take it off the fire. In the carrot puree, prepare the same and add a teaspoon of sugar and a curry powder to the pan. To the (frozen) spinach puree, thaw it, boil it, chop it well (or blend it), put the butter in the pan, cut the garlic very finely, add it and add the spinach, salt and pepper.

Pepper sauce: Bake 1 red pepper, clean it, blend it, put a cube of butter in the pan, add the pepper, put the chicken stock and let it boil, until it reaches the concentration we want. We take half a tzuchini (cleaned inside which was previously boiled and drawn a little in oil, it will be filled with cubes of bacon and pepper that were previously drawn in the pan in butter and oil. We put a few points with reduction of balsamic vinegar and sprinkle with ground pepper powder.

For dessign on the side of the plate (for the first arrangement) we can make a fan of two slices of tzuchini and one of radish, in these slices we will smell of vegetable stuffing and there will be a combination of colors.

The sauce for the preparation can be found both on the plate, it will also be placed in a spoon of fantasies, (here I want to thank Nico Lontras for his wonderful ideas and for the joy with which he teaches us various useful and pleasant things on his blog , thanks Nico).

This is the recipe I hope you like and obviously the proverbial Good Lust

Turkey Breast Roll

Turkey breast roll stuffed with vegetables and cheese can be an excellent main course with a garnish and sauce formed but can also be an appetizer if served cold.
In both variants, the turkey breast roll is just as tasty and savory.
I recommend you try other recipes meat roll what can you find on the site !!

Turkey Breast Roll-Ingredients

3 servings
500 g turkey breast fillets
250 g fresh mushrooms
a carrot
half a red capsicum pepper
half green capsicum pepper
2 tablespoons raisins
3 tablespoons dried cranberries
150 g Sofia-Delaco cheese
an egg
200 ml white wine
a teaspoon of garlic powder
4-5 tablespoons olive oil
50 g butter

Turkey breast roll-Preparation

The turkey breast is unfolded with a knife into a rectangular sheet of suitable thickness.
Lightly beat with a hammer to flatten a little, season with salt and pepper and leave to cool until the filling is ready.
Put 25 g butter and 2-3 tablespoons of olive oil in a pan.
Add the diced carrots and mushrooms to the pan and cook until soft, add salt and pepper, 70-100 ml of wine and leave on the fire until almost all the liquid drops.
Put diced red and green peppers, season with garlic powder, leave on the fire for another 3 minutes and then turn off the flame. After the filling has cooled, add the beaten egg, raisins, cranberries and grated cheese.
Spread the filling over the sheet of meat and roll as tight as we can.

Turkey breast roll

We tie the roll with food thread, we season it with salt and pepper, we put a few pieces of butter on it.
We place it in the shape of a gratin (tray) in which we put a little olive oil and the rest of the wine.
Cover the form with aluminum foil and put it in the oven.
After 25 minutes, remove the foil, sprinkle the roll with the sauce from the tray from time to time and leave it in the oven until lightly browned.
Remove from the pan, cover with foil and let stand 10-15 minutes before cutting.
It can be served hot with the sauce formed in the pan and sauteed vegetables or mashed vegetables, but it can also be served cold as an appetizer.
In both variants it is just as tasty !!

Good appetite!!

Chicken breast roll wrapped in baked bacon

Chicken breast roll wrapped in bacon, is an easy dish to prepare in a very short time, only good to enjoy at lunch or dinner or even at a festive meal. This delicious roll can also be served as an appetizer with a garnish of vegetables and salads.

Method of preparation:
The chicken breast is thinned, seasoned with salt and pepper on both sides.

Chop the cheese and kaiser into thin slices and then place it over the chicken breast fillets. Roll the chicken breast carefully, then cover it with bacon.

In a yena bowl we will put baby carrots and season them with salt, pepper and garlic powder.

Then place the chicken breast rolls around the bowl.

In the middle we will put whole mushrooms seasoned with salt, pepper and garlic powder.

We will then add olive oil over all the ingredients and a little water, not much because the vegetables will leave a lot of water, then we will bake for about an hour.

Meanwhile, prepare the sweet cabbage salad, chop the cabbage, add salt, pepper, oil and plain or balsamic vinegar and mix, for decoration we will add cherry tomatoes, red peppers, cucumbers, dill, etc.

When the rolls and vegetables are ready, take them out of the oven and place them on plates.

The rolls are served hot with the carrot garnish and garlic-flavored mushrooms and sweet cabbage salad.

According to your preference, you can sprinkle them with garlic sauce and add green parsley as a decoration.
Great appetite!

Stuffed chicken breast roll

1 chicken breast, mustard, pickles, sour donuts or red bell peppers, cheese, small sausages or ham, sauteed or boiled carrots, salt, pepper to taste, toothpicks to fix the roll (you can also tie, but it's more For work)

Difficulty: low | Time: 30 min

Chicken breast rolls wrapped in bacon

I thought about how to name the recipe, to highlight the preparation method, ie in the form of muffins / muffins. I wanted it to appear in the name, but it would certainly be understood that they are chicken and bacon muffins, which is a long way off. So I left it simple, Chicken breast rolls wrapped in bacon.

Method of preparation:
The chicken breast is washed well, deboned, if necessary. It is divided into two lobes. Depending on the size of the lobes, it is cut into lengthwise strips, 1.0-1.5 cm thick and the width of the bacon slices.

Spread a strip of bacon, place on top of the chicken breast strip, seasoned with chicken spices and greased with mustard.

Chicken breast roll

A healthy homemade sausage that I recommend with a salad of vegetables, especially now during the summer! I enjoyed this roll a few days in a row in the pack for lunch at work. It can be kept in the refrigerator for 3-4 days.

We clean and wash the vegetables. Finely chop the onion and put the celery and carrot on a small grater. Finely chop the greens.
Mix all of the above in a bowl, adding a little salt and 2 teaspoons of olive oil.
Wash the chicken and dab it with a paper towel.
Beat each piece of chicken breast in turn with a meat hammer, placing a cling film on top.
Grease each piece of meat with the vegetable filling and carefully roll and then tie the roll formed with food string.
Place the two pieces of chicken in a small tray and pour two cups of water.

Preparation for the recipe Chicken breast roll with mushrooms, & icircn smoked bacon crust:

We prepare the mushroom filling to have time to cool.

Finely chop the onion and fry it in a little oil, along with the finely chopped garlic.

Wipe the mushrooms with absorbent, damp paper towels, moisten them, then slice them and add them over the ingredients on the fire. Mix them well and let them cook until the liquid that forms evaporates. After extinguishing the fire, add a little salt and pepper, but also basil leaves and chopped green parsley.

Slice the chicken breast into 5-6 mm thick slices and lightly beat the slices with a tray to flatten them slightly. We do not use the hammer of schnitzels so as not to crush the fibers of the chicken breast.

Sprinkle a little salt and pepper over the chicken breast slices and sprinkle with lemon & acircie juice. This will help to tenderize the meat. Leave the meat in the fridge, covered, until the filling composition cools down.

We place on a shredder, or a work surface, one next to the other, lightly spent, slices of bacon, & icircn two groups. Over them, place the slices of chicken breast, still easily spent. & Icircntemem the composition of mushrooms and roll the chicken breast tightly over it, then coat the rolls in the bacon slices. If necessary, we catch the rolls, in some places, with toothpicks.

seated chicken breast rolls & icircn in a form of yena, greased with oil and cover them with a lid, or aluminum foil.

Chicken breast roll with mushrooms, & icircn smoked bacon crust

Bake in the oven for about an hour, at medium temperature and for about 15-20 minutes, without a lid, to brown.

Chicken breast roll with mushrooms, & icircn smoked bacon crust

We serve delicious chicken breast roll with mushrooms, & icircn smoked bacon crust, along with your favorite gasket.

Chicken breast roll

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The chicken breast is cut in half and beat with a hammer.
Cut the peppers, mushrooms and small carrots, celery and apple on a small grater, heat a little, add salt, dill, parsley and egg. It is placed on the chicken breast, rolled and tied with string. Place in a pan greased with oil. Rotate a little through the oil in the pan and powder with pepper and thyme. Put them in the oven, when they are ready, take out the thread and slice them.
They can be served as appetizers or as a base with various garnishes.

- 1 jar of peas (canned)
- 1 teaspoon of vegeta
- 1 tablespoon sugar
- 1 tablespoon flour
- 3-4 tablespoons oil
- chopped parsley

The peas are drained of the juice which is put aside. Put oil in a saucepan, heat it, add the peas, cook a little, add a part of the canned juice and a part of water just enough to cover the peas. Add vegeta and sugar and bring to a boil.
In a bowl, mix the flour with water at first, just a little water to avoid lumps, then dilute a little more and add over the peas. Leave it to boil until it thickens but not very hard and at the end add the chopped parsley.

Chicken breast roll can be served as an appetizer or main course.

Chicken breast roll with vegetables and cheese & # 8211 a perfect choice for the festive meal

If you are preparing for a special event and want to cook a magical appetizer, try the recipe below. You will get a delicious chicken breast roll. The colorful vegetables inside make this roll a magical dish.


  • 1 chicken breast, 1 broccoli
  • 1 red bell pepper, 100 g cheese
  • Salt, spices for chicken
  • Half a packet of cannelloni pasta
  • Half a cabbage, 2 carrots, cream cheese with green onions

Method of preparation:

Cut the chicken breast into slices. Beat the slices of meat with a hammer. We put the pieces of meat in an elongated tray, so as to cover the bottom of the tray and the sides.

Also, the meat must fall on the edges of the tray on the outside, so that at the end we can cover the filling. Season the meat with salt and spices for chickenBoil broccoli in salted water, then finely chop it and put it in a bowl. Wash the bell pepper, remove the seeds and chop finely. Add the bell pepper to the broccoli bowl. Put the cheese on a coarse grater and add it to the vegetable bowl.Fill the cannelloni pasta with the vegetable mixture. We put them over the pieces of meat in the pan.Finely chop the cabbage, peel the carrots and grate them. Mix the cabbage with the carrots. Add salt and cream cheese.Place the cabbage and carrot mixture over the cannelloni. Then cover with the pieces of meat.Put the tray in the preheated oven at 180 degrees and bake the chicken breast roll for 30 minutes. After it is baked, we cut it into slices and serve it with our loved ones. Good appetite and increase cooking!


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