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Dessert braided and intoxicated cakes

Dessert braided and intoxicated cakes

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Put the crushed yeast, 30 g of white flour and 60 g of lukewarm milk in a bowl. Mix everything with a whisk until smooth and leave to rise at room temperature for 10-15 minutes or until it becomes a dome.
Meanwhile, cut 150 grams of butter into pieces the size of an ice cube and allow to soften at room temperature. In the bowl of the planetary mixer or in a large bowl, mix 2 medium-sized eggs or 50 g per piece of peeled egg with 3 pieces or 60 g of egg yolk, 80 g of ground sugar, 5 g of fine salt , grated peel of a large lemon and orange, 30 g of rum essence and 10 g vanilla essence.

When the eggs have frothed, remove the skewer and replace it with the dough hook, add the mayo, 500 g of white flour and at least 60 g of cold milk, as cold as possible. If the dough seems too hard, add another 10, maximum 20 g of milk. Knead the dough at medium speed until the crust comes off the bowl and then add the butter in three slices of 50 grams each. Stir only until incorporated. Transfer the hull from the mixer bowl to another oiled bowl and cover with plastic wrap. Refrigerate for at least 2 hours or until it doubles in volume depending on the temperature of your refrigerator.

Meanwhile, prepare the filling. Mix the eggs with a pinch of salt (1 gram), then add the ground sugar and mix, then add the cocoa and mix well. Grind the walnuts to the paste stage and mix with the egg mixture. Add the wine / cognac and mix well.

Prepare a syrup from 300 g of sugar with 100 grams of water. Remove from the heat when all the sugar has dissolved (resist the temptation to mix in it). Allow to cool slightly and embalm with 100g of vinars (or cognac) and a vanilla bean (if desired). Cover and store for the next day.
Remove the shell from the refrigerator, cut it in half and form two equal balls out of it. Place each ball in oiled plastic wrap and refrigerate for another 3 hours. After the three hours have elapsed, take a piece of the two and spread it in a rectangle of about 30x40 centimeters, on a piece of baking paper. Spread half of the filling to the edges, leaving a free space of about 3-4 centimeters at one of the short edges, and 1 cm at the other edges. Roll the dough from close to close with the help of baking paper, holding it lengthwise with your fingers and the palm of your hand and when you reach the end grease the empty edge (3-4 cm) with a little water and press it over the rest of the rolled dough. . Cut 1-2 centimeters from each end of the roll with a knife and move the roll on a food foil greased with oil and wrap. Place on a tray and store in the freezer for 15 minutes. Do the same with the other piece.

Meanwhile, prepare two short cake forms (20x10x10). Grease with melted butter and cut some strips of baking paper long and wide and cover each shape with them (and grease them with butter). Remove a roll from the freezer and cut it in half lengthwise. Place the halves with the cut side up on top of each other in a cross shape and knit. Put the cake in the form, cover the form with plastic wrap, put the form in the refrigerator and let it rise overnight or at least about 8 hours if it is not yet night. Do the same with the other roller.
The next day put a pot of boiling water in the oven and close the oven door. Remove the two forms from the refrigerator, remove the foil and place in the steaming oven for 30 minutes. After 30 minutes, remove the molds and the pot from the oven. Preheat the oven to 250 degrees C then reduce the temperature to 160 degrees C or somewhere between medium and low heat on a classic stove and bake the cake for 45-50 minutes or until ready. The cake is ready when it is well browned and firm to the touch. After baking, leave to cool for 5 minutes out of the form.

Prepare a larger tray and place the cozonacs inside it. Lightly pour the syrup over each cake and grease with a special pastry brush. Drain the excess and put the cozonacs in shape. Cover the form with plastic wrap and leave for a day (until completely cooled). We didn't last more than an hour until a cake got a little cold.

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